In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. A.L.R., a scripture whose verses were made firm, then detailed from One who is Wise, Expert.

2. “That you shall serve non other than God. I am to you from Him a warner and a bearer of good news.”

3. “And seek forgiveness from your Lord, then repent to Him; He will make you enjoy an enjoyment until a predetermined period. And He gives His grace to those who are of grace. And if you turn away, then I do fear for you the retribution of a great day!”

4. “To God is your return, and He is capable of all things.”

5. Alas, they folded their chests to hide from it. Even when they hide themselves under their outer garments, He knows what they keep secret and what they declare. He is the knower of all that is in the chests.

6. And there is not a creature on earth except that its provision is due from God. And He knows where it dwells and where it hides. All is in a clear record.

7. He is the One who created the heavens and earth in six days, and His throne was upon the water, and to test who from amongst you works the best. And when you say: “You will be resurrected after death.” those who rejected will say: “This is but clear magic!”

8. And if We delay for them the retribution to a future period, they will say: “What has kept it?” Alas, on the day it comes to them, nothing will turn it away from them, and what they used to mock has caught up with them.

9. And if We give mankind a taste of mercy from Us, then We withdraw it from him; he becomes despairing, rejecting.

10. And if We give him the taste of a blessing after hardship had afflicted him, he will say: “Evil has gone from me!”; he becomes happy, boastful.

11. Except for those who are patient and do good work; these will have a pardon, and a great reward.

12. So perhaps you wish to ignore some of what has been inspired to you, and you are depressed by it, because they say: “If only a treasure was sent down with him, or an Angel had come with him!” You are but a warner, and God is caretaker over all things.

13. Or do they say: ”He invented it!” Say: “Bring ten invented chapters like it, and call on whom you can besides God if you are truthful.”

14. So, if they do not respond to you, then know that it was sent down with God’s knowledge, and that there is no god but He. Will you then surrender?

15. Whoever wants the worldly life and its adornments, then We will give them their works in it, and they will not be short changed in it.

16. These will have nothing but Fire in the Hereafter, and what they have done will be put-down, and evil is what they have worked.

17. As for those who have clarity from their Lord, followed by a witness from it; and before it was the scripture of Moses as a guide and a mercy; they believe in it. And whoever rejects it from amongst the parties, then the Fire is his meeting place. So do not be in any doubt about it. It is the truth from your Lord, but most people do not believe.

18. And who is more wicked than one who invents lies about God? They will be displayed before their Lord, and the witnesses will say: “These are the ones who lied about their Lord.” Alas, God’s curse will be upon the wicked.

19. Those who block others from the path of God and they seek to twist it; and regarding the Hereafter they are in denial.

20. These are the ones who will not escape on earth, nor do they have besides God any allies. The retribution will be doubled for them. They were not able to hear, nor could they see.

21. They are the ones who lost themselves, and what they had invented has abandoned them.

22. There is no doubt, that in the Hereafter they are the greatest losers.

23. Those who believe and do good works, and are humble towards their Lord; they are the dwellers of Paradise, in it they will remain.

24. The example of the two groups is like the blind and deaf, and the seer and hearer. Are they the same when compared? Do you not take heed?

25. And We had sent Noah to his people: “I am to you a clear warner!”

26. “Do not serve except God. I fear for you the retribution of a painful day.”

27. The leaders who rejected from amongst his people said: “We do not see you except as a human like us, and we see that only the lowest amongst our people who have no opinion followed you. And we do not see anything that makes you better than us; in fact, we think you are liars.”

28. He said: “My people, do you see if I have clarity from my Lord and He gave me mercy from Himself, but it has been blinded to you? Shall we compel you to it while you have a hatred to it?”

29. “And my people, I do not ask you for money, my reward is with God. Nor will I turn away those who believe, for they will meet their Lord. But I see that you are a people who are ignorant.”

30. “And my people, who will give me victory against God if I turn them away? Will you not remember!”

31. “Nor do I say to you that I have the treasures of God, nor do I know the unseen, nor do I say that I am an Angel, nor do I say to those whom your eyes look down upon that God will not grant them any good. God is more aware of what is in their souls; in such case I would be among the wicked.”

32. They said: “O Noah, you have argued with us, and continued arguing with us, so bring us what you promise us if you are of the truthful ones.”

33. He said: “It is God who will bring it to you if He wishes; you will not have any escape.”

34. “And my advice will not benefit you if I wanted to advise you and God wanted that you should stray. He is your Lord, and to Him you will return.”

35. Or do they say: “He invented it?” Say: “If I invented it, then I am responsible for my crime, and I am innocent from your crimes”

36. And it was inspired to Noah: “No more of your people will believe except those who have already believed. So do not be saddened by what they have done.”

37. “And construct the Ship with Our eyes and Our inspiration, and do not speak to Me regarding those who are wicked. They will be drowned.”

38. And as he was constructing the Ship, every time any leaders from his people passed by, they mocked him. He said: “If you mock us, then we also mock you as you mock.”

39. “You will know to whom the retribution will come to disgrace him, and upon him will be a lasting punishment.”

40. So, when Our command came and the volcano erupted. We said: “Carry in it two of every pair, and your family; except those against whom the word has been issued; and whoever believed.” But those who believed with him were few.

41. He said: “Climb inside, in the name of God shall be its sailing and its anchorage. My Lord is Forgiving, Merciful.”

42. And while it was running with them in waves like mountains, Noah called to his son, who was in an isolated place: “My son, ride with us, and do not be with the rejecters!”

43. He said: “I will take refuge to a mountain which will save me from the water.” he said: “There is no saviour from God’s decree except to whom He grants mercy.” And the wave came between them, so he was one of those who drowned.

44. And it was said: “O land, swallow your water, and O sky, cease.” And the water was diminished, and the matter concluded. And it came to rest on the Judi, and it was said: “Away with the wicked people.”

45. And Noah called on his Lord, and he said: “My Lord, my son is from my family, and your promise is the truth, and you are the Wisest of all Judges.”

46. He said: “O Noah, he is not from your family, he was fathered illicitly, so do not ask what you have no knowledge thereof. I advise you not to be of the ignorant.”

47. He said: “My Lord, I seek refuge with you that I would ask You what I did not have knowledge of. And if you do not forgive me and have mercy on me, I will be of the losers!”

48. It was said: “O Noah, descend in peace from Us and blessings upon you and upon nations to come from those with you; and nations whom We will grant pleasure, then a painful retribution will reach them from Us.”

49. This is from the news of the unseen that We inspire to you. Neither did you nor your people know this, so be patient. The ending is always in favour of the righteous.

50. And to ‘Aad was sent their brother Hud. He said: “My people, serve God, you have no god besides Him; you are simply conjecturing.”

51. “My people, I do not ask you for any wage, my wage is from the One who initiated me. Will you not understand?”

52. “And my people, seek forgiveness from your Lord, then repent to Him; He will send the sky to you abundantly, and He will increase might to your might. So do not turn away as criminals.”

53. They said: “O Hud, you have not come to us with any proof, nor will we leave our gods based on what you say. We will not believe in you.”

54. “All we can say is that perhaps some of our gods have seized you with evil.” He said: “I make God my witness, and all of you witness, that I disown what you have set-up as partners.”

55. “Besides Him, so scheme against me all of you, then do not give me respite.”

56. “I have put my trust in God, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a creature except He will seize it by frontal lobe. My Lord is on a Straight Path.”

57. “So, if you turn away, then I have delivered what I was sent with to you. And my Lord will bring after you a people who are not like you, and you will not harm Him the least. My Lord is Guardian over all things.”

58. And when Our command came, We saved Hud and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us, and We saved them from a mighty retribution.

59. Such was the case of ‘Aad. They disregarded the revelations of their Lord, and they disobeyed His messengers, and they followed the lead of everyone powerful and stubborn.

60. And they were followed by a curse in this world and on the day of judgment, for ‘Aad rejected their Lord. There is no more ‘Aad, the people of Hud.

61. And to Thamud was sent their brother Saleh. He said: “My people, serve God, you have no god besides Him. He established you in the land and gave you control over it, so seek His forgiveness, then repent to Him. My Lord is Near, Responsive.”

62. They said: “O Saleh, you were well liked amongst us before this. Do you deter us from serving what our fathers served? We are in serious doubt as to what you are inviting us.”

63. He said: “My people, what do you think if I was on clear evidence from my Lord, and He gave me from Him a mercy. Who would then support me against God if I disobey Him? You only increase me in loss!”

64. “And my people, this is God’s camel, in her you have a sign. So leave her to eat from the land freely, and do not harm her, or else a close retribution will take you.”

65. But they slaughtered her. So he said: “You will only have three days of enjoyment in your homes. This is a promise that will not be denied.”

66. So, when Our command came, We saved Saleh and those who believed with him by a mercy for Us, and against the disgrace of that day. Your Lord is the Powerful, the Noble.

67. And those who wronged were taken by the scream, thus they lay motionless in their homes.

68. It is as if they never lived there. For Thamud rejected their Lord. There is no more Thamud.

69. And Our messengers came to Abraham with good news, they said: “Peace” He said: “Peace,” and it was not long before he came back with a roasted calf.

70. But when he saw that their hands did not go towards it, he mistrusted them, and he began to have fear of them. They said: “Have no fear, we have been sent to the people of Lot.”

71. And his wife was standing, so she laughed when We gave her good news of Isaac, and after Isaac, Jacob.

72. She said: “O my!, how can I give birth while I am an old woman, and here is my husband an old man? This is indeed a strange thing!”

73. They said: “Do you wonder at the decree of God? God’s Mercy and Blessings are upon you O people of the Shrine. He is Praiseworthy, Glorious.”

74. So when the shock left Abraham, and the good news was delivered to him, he began to argue with Us for the people of Lot.

75. Abraham was compassionate, kind, obedient.

76. O Abraham, turn away from this. Your Lord’s command has come, and a retribution that will not be turned back is coming for them.

77. And when Our messengers came to Lot, he was grieved on their account and he felt discomfort for them and said: “This is a distressful day.”

78. And his people came rushing towards him, and before it they were committing sin, he said: “My people, these are my daughters, they are purer for you, so be aware of God and do not disgrace me regarding my guests. Is there no sane man among you?”

79. They said: “You know we have no interest in your daughters, and you are aware of what we want!”

80. He said: “If only I had strength against you, or I could find for myself some powerful support.”

81. They said: “O Lot, we are your Lord’s messengers; they will not be able to harm you, so travel with your family during the cover of the night and let not any of you look back except for your wife, she will be afflicted with what they will be afflicted. Their appointed time will be the morning. Is the morning not near?”

82. So when Our command came, We turned it upside down, and We rained on it successively with rocks made from baked clay.

83. Marked from your Lord, and they are never far from the wicked.

84. And to Median was their brother Shu’ayb, he said: “My people, serve God, you have no god besides Him, and do not give short in the measure and weight. I see you in prosperity, and I fear for you the retribution of a day that is surrounding.”

85. “And my people, give full measure and weight with justice, and do not hold back from the people what is theirs, and do not roam the land corrupting.”

86. “What will remain for you with God is far better if you are believers. And I am not a guardian over you.”

87. They said: “O Shu’ayb, does your assembly order you that we leave what our fathers served, or that we do not do with our money as we please? You are the compassionate, the sane!”

88. He said: “O my people, do you see that if I am on clear evidence from my Lord, and He Has provided me with good provision from Him, then I would not want to contradict by doing what I am deterring you from. I only want to fix what I can, and my guidance is only with God. To Him I place my trust, and to Him I repent.”

89. “And my people, let not your hatred towards me incriminate you that you suffer the fate of what afflicted the people of Noah, or the people of Hud, or the people of Saleh; and the people of Lot were not far off from you.”

90. “And seek forgiveness from your Lord then repent to Him. My Lord is Merciful, Loving.”

91. They said: “O Shu’ayb, we do not understand most of what you say, and we see you as weak amongst us; and if it were not for who your family is, we would have stoned you, and you would not be proud against us.”

92. He said: “My people, is who my family is more important to you than God, while you have cast Him away behind your backs? My Lord is encompassing what you do.”

93. “And my people, continue to act as you do, and I will act. You will then come to know to whom the retribution will come to humiliate him and who is the liar. Watch then, and I will watch with you.”

94. And when Our command came, We saved Shu’ayb and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us; and the scream took those who had wronged, so they lay motionless in their homes.

95. It is as if they never lived there. Away with Median as it was away with Thamud.

96. And We sent Moses with Our signs and a clear authority.

97. To Pharaoh and his leaders; but they followed the command of Pharaoh, and Pharaoh’s command was not wise.

98. He will be at the head of his people on the day of resurrection, and he will lead them to the Fire. What a miserable place they are brought in!

99. And they were followed by a curse in this, and on the day of resurrection. What a miserable path to follow!

100. That is from the news of the towns which We relate to you; some are still standing and some have been wiped-out.

101. We did not wrong them, but they wronged themselves; their gods that they called on besides God did not rescue them at all when your Lord’s command came, and they only added to their destruction.

102. Such is the taking of your Lord when He takes the towns while they are wicked. His taking is painful, severe.

103. In this is a sign for he who fears the retribution of the Hereafter. That is a day to which all mankind will be gathered, and that is a day which will witnessed.

104. And We do not delay it except to a term already prepared for.

105. On the day it comes, no person will speak to another except by His leave. Some of them will be distraught, some will be happy.

106. As for those who are distraught, they will be in the Fire; in it for them is a sighing and a wailing.

107. They will abide in it as long as the heavens and earth exist, except for what your Lord wishes. Your Lord does as He pleases.

108. As for those who are fortunate, they will be in Paradise; in it they will abide as long as the heavens and earth exist, except for what your Lord wishes, a giving without end.

109. So do not be in doubt as to what these men serve. They serve nothing but what their fathers before them served. We will give them their recompense in full.

110. We have given Moses the scripture, but they disputed in it; and had it not been for a word which was already given by your Lord, their case would have been judged immediately. They are in grave doubt concerning it.

111. And to each your Lord will recompense their works. He is expert in what they do.

112. So stand straight as you were commanded and those who repented with you and do not transgress. He is watcher over what you do.

113. And do not lean towards those who have wronged else you will incur the Fire; and you will not have besides God any allies, and you will not be victorious.

114. And you shall establish the assembly at both ends of the daylight and the near part of the night. The good deeds take away the bad. This is a reminder to those who remember.

115. And be patient, for God does not waste the reward of the good doers.

116. If only there was from the previous generations a people with wisdom who deterred from the corruption on earth, except the few that We saved of them. And those who were wicked followed the enjoyment they were in, and they were criminal.

117. And your Lord would not destroy the towns wrongfully, while its people were good doers.

118. And had your Lord wished, He could have made all mankind one nation, but they still would continue to disagree.

119. Except whom your Lord has mercy upon, and for that He has created them. And the word of your Lord came true: “I will fill Hell with the Jinn and the humans together!”

120. And from each We relate to you the news of the messengers with which We strengthen your heart. In this has come to you the truth and a lesson and a reminder for the believers.

121. And say to those who do not believe: “Continue to do what you will, we will also do.”

122. “And wait, for we are also waiting.”

123. And to God is the unseen of heavens and earth, and to Him all matters return. So serve Him and put your trust in Him. Your Lord is not unaware of what you all do.


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. A.L.R., these are the signs of the clarifying scripture.

2. We have sent it down an Arabic Quran, perhaps you will comprehend.

3. We relate to you the best stories through what We have inspired to you in this Quran; and before it you were of those who were unaware.

4. When Joseph said to his father: “My father, I have seen eleven planets and the sun and the moon, I saw them submitting to me.”

5. He said: “O my son, do not relate your vision to your brothers, or they will scheme against you. The devil is to man a clear enemy.”

6. And as such, your Lord Has chosen you, and He teaches you the interpretation of dreams, and He completes His blessings upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He completed it for your fathers before that, Abraham and Isaac. your Lord is Knowing, Wise.

7. It is thus that in Joseph and his brothers are signs for those who ask.

8. For they said: “Joseph and his brother are more loved by our father than us, while we are a strong group. Our father is clearly misguided.”

9. “Kill Joseph or cast him in the land, then your father’s favour will be all yours, and after that you will be an upright people.”

10. One amongst them said: “Do not kill Joseph, but if you are going to do anything, then cast him into the bottom of the well, so that anyone traveling by will pick him up.”

11. They said: “Our father, why do you not trust us with Joseph, we are to him well wishers.”

12. “Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy and play, and we will take care of him.”

13. He said: “It saddens me that you should take him, and I fear that the wolf would eat him if you would be absent of him.”

14. They said: “If the wolf eats him, while we are a strong group, then we are the losers.”

15. So, when they went with him they had agreed to place him at the bottom of the well. And We inspired to him: “You will inform them of this act of theirs while they will not expect it.”

16. And they came to their father in the evening crying.

17. They said: “Our father, we went to race and left Joseph by our things, and the wolf ate him! But you would not believe us even if we are truthful.”

18. And they came with his shirt stained in false blood. He said: “You have invented this tale yourselves. Patience is good, and God’s help is sought against what you describe.”

19. And a traveling caravan came and they sent their man to draw water, but when he drew he said: “Good news, there is a boy!” So they hid him as merchandise. And God is aware of what they do.

20. And they sold him for a low price, a few Dirhams, and they regarded him as insignificant.

21. And the one from Egypt who bought him said to his wife: “Make his stay generous, perhaps he will benefit us or we may take him as a son.” And it was thus that We established Joseph in the land and to teach him the interpretation of dreams. And God Has full power over His affairs, but most of mankind do not know.

22. And when he reached his maturity, We gave him position and knowledge. It is thus that We reward the good doers.

23. And the one in whose house he was staying in attempted to seduce him away from himself. And she closed the doors and said: “I have prepared myself for you.” He said: “I seek refuge with God, He is my Lord, He made my stay good; the wicked do not succeed.”

24. And she desired him and he desired her, had it not been that he saw His Lord’s proof; it was thus that We turned evil and lewdness away from him; he is of Our loyal servants.

25. And as they rushed towards the door, she tore his shirt from behind; and they found her master at the door. She said: “What is the punishment of he who wanted to molest your family? Is it not that he be jailed or punished painfully?”

26. He said: “She is the one who seduced me from myself,” and a witness from her family gave testimony: “If his shirt was torn from the front, then she is truthful, and he is the liar.”

27. “And if his shirt is torn from behind, then she is lying, and he is truthful.”

28. So when he saw that his shirt torn from behind, he said: “This is from your female scheming, your scheming is indeed great!”

29. “Joseph, turn away from this. And you woman, seek forgiveness for your sin; you were of the wrongdoers.”

30. And some women in the city said: “The wife of the Governor is trying to seduce her young man from himself; she is taken by love. We see her clearly misguided.”

31. So when she heard of their scheming, she sent for them and prepared a banquet for them, and she gave each one of them a knife. And she said: “Come out to them,” so when they saw him they exalted him and cut their hands, and they said: “God be praised, this is not a human, but a blessed Angel!”

32. She said: “This is the one whom you blamed me for, and I have seduced him from himself but he refused. And if he does not do as I command him, he will be imprisoned, and he will be one of those disgraced.”

33. He said: “My Lord, prison is better to me than what they are inviting me to do. And if You do not turn their scheming away from me, I will fall for them and be of the ignorant.”

34. So his Lord responded to him, and He turned away their scheming from him. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.

35. But it appealed to them, even after they had seen the signs, to imprison him until a time.

36. And with him in the prison entered two young men. One of them said: “I dreamt that I was pressing wine,” and the other said: “I dreamt that I was carrying bread on top of my head, and that the birds were eating from it.” “Tell us what this means, for we see that you are of the good doers.”

37. He said: “There is not any provision of food that will come to you except that I will tell you of its interpretation before it comes. That is from what my Lord has taught me. I have left the creed of a people who do not believe in God, and they are rejecting the Hereafter.”

38. “And I followed the creed of my fathers: Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob. It was not for us to set-up partners with God at all. That is God’s blessings over us and over mankind, but most of mankind are not thankful.”

39. “O my fellow inmates, are various lords better, or God, the One, the Omniscient?”

40. “What you serve besides God is nothing but names which you have created you and your fathers, God did not send down any authority for such. The judgment is for none but God. He ordered that none be served but He. That is the true system, but most of mankind do not know.”

41. “My fellow inmates, one of you will be serving wine for his lord, while the other will be crucified so that the birds will eat from his head. The matter which you have sought is now concluded.”

42. And he said to the one whom he thought would be saved of them: “Mention me to your lord.” But the devil made him forget to mention to his lord, so He remained in prison for a few years.

43. And the King said: “I continue to dream of seven fat cows which are being eaten by seven thin ones, and seven green pods and others which are dry. O my leaders, tell me what my vision means if you are able to interpret the visions.”

44. They said: “It is nothing but bad dreams; and we are not knowledgeable in the interpretation of dreams.”

45. And the one of them who had been saved and remembered after all this time said: “I will tell you of its interpretation, so have me sent out.”

46. “Joseph, O man of truth, explain to us the matter regarding seven fat cows being eaten by seven thin ones, and seven green pods and others which are dry? Then perhaps I may go back to the people so they will know.”

47. He said: “You will plant regularly for seven years, and whatever you harvest you must leave it in its pods, except for the little that you will eat.”

48. “Then will come seven after that which are severe and which will consume all that you plant except for what you have stored.”

49. “Then after that will come a lunar year in which the people will have abundant rain and which they will be able to produce once again.”

50. And the King said: “Bring him to me.” So when the messenger came to him, he said: “Go back to your Lord and ask him what was the matter regarding the women that cut their hands? My Lord is well aware of their scheming.”

51. He said: “What is your plea that you tried to seduce Joseph from himself?” They said: “God forbid that we would do any harm to him.” The wife of the Governor said: “Now the truth must be known, I did seek to seduce Joseph from himself and he is of the truthful ones.”

52. “That is so he knows that I will not betray him while he is not present and that God does not guide the scheming of the betrayers.”

53. “And I do not make myself free of blame, for the soul is inclined to sin, except what my Lord has mercy on. My Lord is Forgiving, Merciful.”

54. And the King said: “Bring him to me so that I may employ him to my person.” So when he spoke to him, he said: “Today you are with us in high rank and trusted.”

55. He said: “Make me keeper over the granaries of the land, for I know how to keep records and I am knowledgeable.”

56. And it was such that We gave Joseph authority in the land, to travel in it as he pleases. We bestow Our mercy upon whom We please, and We do not waste the reward of the good doers.

57. And the reward of the Hereafter is better for those who believe and were aware.

58. And Joseph’s brothers came and entered upon him, and he recognized them, but they did not recognize him.

59. So, when he furnished them with their provisions, he said: “Bring me a brother of yours who is from your father. Do you not see that I give full measure of grain and that I am the best of hosts?”

60. “But if you do not bring him to me, then there shall be no measure of grain for you with me, and do not come near me.”

61. They said: “We will try to get him away from his father, and we shall be successful.”

62. And he said to his servants: “Return their goods back into their bags, so that they will recognize it when they return to their family and they will come back again.”

63. So when they returned to their father, they said: “Our father, we have been banned from getting anymore measure of grain, so send our brother with us so we may be given measure of grain, and we will be his guardians.”

64. He said: “Shall I trust him with you as I trusted you with Joseph before that? God is the best guardian, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.”

65. So when they opened their bags, they found their goods had been returned to them, and they said: “Our father, what more can we desire, this is our goods returned to us, so we can get more for our family, and be guardians over our brother, and increase a measure of grain to load a camel. That is truly an easy measure!”

66. He said: “I will not send him with you until you come to me with a covenant to God that you will bring him back unless you are completely overtaken”. So when they brought him the covenant, he said: “God is placed in trust over what we say.”

67. And he said: “My sons, do not enter from one gate, but enter from separate gates; and I cannot avail you anything against God, for the judgment is to God. In Him I put my trust, and in Him those who put their trust should trust.”

68. And when they entered from where their father had commanded them, it would not have availed them in the least against God, but it was out of a concern in Jacob’s soul that he brought out. And he is with knowledge for what We have taught him, but most men do not know.

69. And when they entered upon Joseph, he called his brother to himself and said: “I am your brother, so do not be saddened by what they had done.”

70. So when he furnished them with their provisions, he placed the measuring bowl in his brothers bag, then a caller cried out: “O you in the caravan, you are thieves!”

71. They said, while coming towards him: “What is it you are missing?”

72. He said: “We are missing the measuring bowl of the King, and for whomever can produce it, we will give a camel’s load, and I will be bound by this.”

73. They said: “By God, you know we did not come to cause corruption in the land, and we are no thieves!”

74. He said: “What shall be the punishment, if you are not truthful?”

75. They said: “The punishment is that whomever it is found in his bags, then he shall remain as punishment. It is such that we punish the wicked.”

76. So he began with their bags before his brother’s bag. Then he brought it out of his brother’s bag. It was such that We planned for Joseph, for he would not have been able to take his brother under the King’s system, except that God wished it so. We raise the degrees of whom We please, and over every one of knowledge is the All Knowledgeable.

77. They said: “If he has stolen, there was a brother of his before who also had stolen.” Joseph kept this all inside himself, and did not reveal anything to them. He said: “You are in an awkward position, and God best knows what you describe.”

78. They said: “O Governor, he has an elderly father, so take one of us in his place. Indeed we see you as one of the good doers.”

79. He said: “God forbid that we would take anyone except he whom we found our belongings with. Indeed, we would then be wrong doers.”

80. So when they gave-up from him, they held a conference in private. The eldest of them said: “Did you not know that your father has taken a covenant over you with God, and before this you also failed in your duty with Joseph? I will not leave this land until my father permits me to do so or that God will judge for me. He is the best of judges.”

81. “Return to your father, and tell him: “Our father, your son has stolen, and we did not witness except what we learned, and we could not know the unseen!”

82. “And ask the people of the town which we were in, and the caravan which we have returned with. We are being truthful.”

83. He said: “No, for it is your own souls that have conspired you to do something. So patience is most fitting, perhaps God will bring them all to me. He is the Knowledgeable, the Wise.”

84. And he turned away from them and said: “Oh, my sorry over Joseph.” And his eyes turned white from sadness, and he became blind.

85. They said: “By God, will you never cease to remember Joseph until you become senile or you are dead!”

86. He said: “I merely complain my grief and sorrow to God, and I know from God what you do not know.”

87. “My sons, go and inquire about Joseph and his brother, and do not give-up from God’s Spirit. The only people who would give-up from God’s Spirit are the rejecters of faith.”

88. So when they entered upon him, they said: “O Governor, we have been afflicted with harm, us and our family, and we have come with poor goods to trade, so give us a measure of grain, and be charitable towards us, for God does reward the charitable.”

89. He said: “Do you know what you have done with Joseph and his brother, while you are ignorant?”

90. They said: “Are you indeed Joseph?” He said: “I am Joseph, and this is my brother. God Has been gracious to us. For anyone who reveres God and is patient, then God will not waste the reward of the good doers.”

91. They said: “By God, God Has indeed preferred you over us and we were wrongdoers.”

92. He said: “There is no blame on you this day, may God forgive you, and He is the most Merciful of those who show mercy.”

93. “Take this shirt of mine and cast it over my fathers face, and he will become with sight; and bring to me all your family.”

94. And when the caravan departed, their father said: “I do indeed feel the scent of Joseph, except that you may think me senile.”

95. They said: “By God, you are back to your old misguidance.”

96. Then, when the bearer of good news came, he cast it over his face and he returned clear with sight. He said: “Did I not tell you that I know from God what you do not know?”

97. They said: “Our father, ask forgiveness for our sins, indeed we have been wrong.”

98. He said: “I will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord, He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”

99. So when they entered upon Joseph, he took his parents to him and he said: “Enter Egypt, God willing, in security.”

100. And he raised his parents on the throne, and they fell in prostration to Him. And he said: “My father, this is the interpretation of my vision from before. My Lord has made it true, and He Has been good to me that he took me out of prison and brought you out of the wilderness after the devil had placed a rift between me and my brothers. My Lord is kind to whom He wills. He is the Knowledgeable, the Wise.”

101. “My Lord, you have given me sovereignty and taught me the interpretations of sayings. Initiator of the heavens and earth, you are my protector in this world and the Hereafter. Let me die having surrendered, and join me with the good doers.”

102. That is from the news of the unseen that We inspire to you. You were not amongst them when they arranged their plan and were scheming.

103. And most of mankind, even if you are diligent, will not believe.

104. And you do not ask them for a wage for it, it is but a reminder to the worlds.

105. And how many a sign in the heavens and the earth do they pass by, while they are turning away from it.

106. And most of them will not believe in God except while setting-up partners.

107. Are they secure against the coming of a covering of retribution from God, or that the hour would come to them suddenly while they do not perceive?

108. Say: “This is my way, I invite to God in full disclosure, myself and whomever follows me. And glory be to God. And I am not of those who set-up partners.”

109. And We have not sent before you except men, whom We inspired to from the people of the towns. Did they not roam the earth and see how was the punishment of those before them? And the abode of the Hereafter is far better for those who are aware. Do you not comprehend?

110. Even when the messengers gave up, and they thought that they have been denied, Our victory came to them. We then save whom We wish, and Our punishment cannot be swayed from the wicked people.

111. In their stories is a lesson for the people of intelligence. It was not a narration that was invented, but an authentication of what is already present and a detailing of all things, and a guidance and mercy to a people who believe.


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. A.L.M.R. These are the signs of the scripture. And what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the truth; but most of mankind do not believe.

2. God, Who raised the skies without any pillars that you can see, then He settled to the throne, and He commissioned the sun and the moon; each running to a fixed destiny. He manages all affairs, and He details the signs so that you will be aware of the meeting with your Lord.

3. And He is the One who stretched-out the land, and made in it stabilizers and rivers, and from every fruit he made a pair of two; the night covers the day. In that are signs for a people who will think.

4. And on earth are neighbouring pieces of land with gardens of grape and plants and palm trees, some of which may be twin sharing the same root, or single, even though they are being watered with the same water source; and We make preference for some of them over others in what is eaten. In that are signs for a people who comprehend.

5. And if you are surprised, then what is surprising is their saying: “Can it be that when we are dust, we will be created anew!” These are the ones who rejected their Lord, and they will have chains around their necks, and they are the dwellers of the Fire, in it they will abide.

6. And they hasten towards you with sin before good, and the examples of those before them have already been given. Your Lord is with great forgiveness to mankind for their transgression, and your Lord is severe in retribution.

7. And those who reject say: “If only a sign was sent down to him from his Lord.” You are but a warner, and to every nation is a guide.

8. God knows what every female carries, and how short her pregnancy or how long. And everything with Him is measured.

9. The knower of the unseen and the seen, the Great, the most High.

10. It is the same whether any of you openly declares his words, or conceals them; whether he is hiding in the night or going openly in the day.

11. Present with him and behind him are retainers, they guard him by God’s command. God is not to change what is in a people until they change what is within themselves. And if God wanted to harm a people, then there is no turning Him back, nor will they have any protector against Him.

12. He is the One who shows you the lightning, giving you fear and hope. And He establishes the heavy clouds.

13. And the thunder glorifies with His praise, and the Angels from His Awe, and He sends the thunderbolts, and strikes with it whom He will. Yet they are still arguing regarding God, while He is severe in punishment.

14. To Him is the call of truth. And those who are called on besides Him, they will not respond to them in anything; like one who places his hands openly in the water to drink, but it never reaches his mouth. The call of the rejecters is nothing but in misguidance.

15. And to God submit all that are in heavens and the earth, willingly and unwillingly, as do their shadows in the morning and the evening.

16. Say: “Who is the Lord of the heavens and earth,” say: “God.” Say: “Have you taken besides Him allies who do not posses for themselves any benefit or harm?” Say: “Is the blind and the seer the same?, or does the darkness and the light equate? Or have they made partners with God who have created like His creation, so the creations all seemed the same to them?” Say: “God Has created all things, and He is the One, the Supreme.”

17. He sent down water from the sky, so valleys flowed according to their capacity, and the flood produces foam. And from what they burn to smelt jewellery or goods is produced a similar foam. It is in such a manor that God strikes the falsehood with the truth. As for the foam, it passes away, and as for what benefits mankind, it remains in the earth. It is such that God strikes the examples.

18. For those who responded to their Lord is goodness. As for those who did not respond to Him, if they had all that is in the earth twice over, they would offer it to be saved. To these will be a terrible reckoning, and their abode is Hell; what a miserable abode.

19. Is one who knows that the truth has been sent down to you from your Lord like one who is blind? Only those with understanding will remember.

20. Those who fulfill God’s pledge, and they do not break the Covenant.

21. And those who deliver what God Has ordered be delivered, and they revere their Lord and they fear the terrible reckoning.

22. And those who are patient seeking their Lord’s direction; and they establish the assembly, and they spend from what We bestowed upon them secretly and openly, and they counter sin with good; these will have an excellent abode.

23. The gardens of Eden, they will enter it and those who are good doers of their fathers and their mates, and their progeny. And the Angels will enter upon them from every gate.

24. “Peace be upon you for what you have been patient for. Excellent indeed is the final abode.”

25. As for those who break the pledge of God after making its covenant, and they sever what God ordered that it be delivered, and they corrupt in the earth; to those is a curse and they will have a miserable abode.

26. God gives the provisions for whom He wishes, and He is able. And they were happy with the worldly life, but the worldly life compared to the Hereafter was nothing but an enjoyment.

27. And those who have rejected say: “If only a sign were sent down to him from his Lord!” Say: “God misguides whom He wishes and guides to Him whoever is repenting.”

28. The ones who believed and their hearts are relieved by the remembrance of God; for in God’s remembrance are the hearts relieved.

29. And those who believed, and did good works, there will be happiness for them and a good abode.

30. And as such, We have sent you to a nation to whom other nations have passed away before, so that you may recite for them that which has been inspired to you; while they reject in the Almighty. Say: “He is my Lord, there is no god but He, to Him I place my trust and to Him is my repentance.”

31. And if a Quran were to be used to move mountains, or to cut away the land, or the dead were spoken to with it. No, to God is all matters. Did not those who believe know that if God wished He would have guided all the people? As for those who reject, they continue to be stricken with disaster or it comes near to their homes, until God’s promise comes true. God does not break His appointment.

32. And messengers before you were ridiculed, but I gave time to those who rejected, then I took them. Then how was My punishment?

33. The One who is standing over every soul for what it has earned; yet they made partners to God. Say: “Name them?, or do you inform Him of what He does not know on earth or is it just a show of words?” But to the rejecters, their scheming is made to appear clever, and they are turned away from the path. And whoever God misguides will have no guide.

34. They will have a punishment in the worldly life, and the punishment of the Hereafter is more difficult. And they will have no defender against God.

35. The example of Paradise that the righteous have been promised, is that rivers flow beneath it, and its provisions are continuous as is its shade. Such is the abode of those who were righteous, while the abode of the rejecters is the Fire.

36. And those to whom We have previously given the scripture rejoice at what has been sent down to you, but there are some of the groups that reject parts of it. Say: “I am only ordered to serve God and not join any partner with Him. To Him I pray and to Him is the return.”

37. And as such, We have sent down a law in Arabic. And if you follow their desires after what has come to you of the knowledge, then you will not have any ally or defender against God.

38. And We have sent messengers before you and We have made for them mates and offspring. It was not for a messenger to come with any sign except by God’s leave, but for every time there is a decree.

39. God erases what He wishes and affirms, and with Him is the source of the scripture.

40. And if We show you some of what We promise them or if We let you die, then you are only to deliver while for Us is the reckoning.

41. Do they not see that We come to the land and reduce it from its ends? And God gives judgment and there is none to override His judgment. And He is quick to reckoning.

42. And those before them have schemed, but to God is all scheming. He knows what every soul earns and the rejecters will come to know to whom is the better abode.

43. And those who reject say: “You are not a messenger.” Say: “God is sufficient as a witness between me and you, the One who has the knowledge of the scripture.”


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. A.L.R. A scripture which We have sent down to you so that you may take the people out of the darkness and into the light by their Lord’s leave to the path of the Noble, the Praiseworthy.

2. God to whom belongs all that is in the heavens, and all that is in the earth. And woe to the rejecters from a painful retribution.

3. The ones who have preferred the worldly life over the Hereafter, and they repel away from the path of God, and they seek to make it crooked. Those are the ones who are in misguidance.

4. And We have not sent any messenger except in the language of his people, so he may clarify to them. But God misguides whom He wills, and He guides whom He wills. And He is the Noble, the Wise.

5. And We have sent Moses with Our signs, that you should bring your people out from the darkness and into the light, and remind them with God’s signs. In this are signs for any who are patient and thankful.

6. And Moses said to his people: “Remember God’s blessings upon you that He saved you from the people of Pharaoh. They used to make the worst punishment for you and they murdered your children, and they raped your women. And in that was a great trial from your Lord.”

7. And your Lord proclaimed: “If you give thanks, then I will increase for you, but if you are rejecting, then my retribution is severe.”

8. And Moses said: “Even if you reject, you and all who are on earth together, then know that God is Rich, Praiseworthy.”

9. Did not news come to you of those before you: the people of Noah, and ‘Aad, and Thamud, and those after them whom none know but God? Their messengers came to them with clarity, but they placed their hands to their mouths and said: “We are rejecting what you have been sent with, and we are in grave doubt as to what you are inviting us to.”

10. Their messengers said: “Is there doubt in God, the initiator of heavens and earth? He invites you so that He may forgive some of your sins, and grant you until a predetermined time.” They said: “You are but humans like us, you wish to turn us away from what our fathers used to serve. So come to us with clear proof.”

11. Their messengers said: “We are but humans like you, but God will bestow His grace upon whom He pleases from his servants. And it is not up to us to bring you proof except by God’s leave. And in God the believers should place their trust”

12. “And why should we not place our trust in God, while He Has guided us our path. And we will be patient to the harm you inflict upon us. And in God those who trust should put their trust.”

13. And those who rejected said to their messengers: “We will drive you out of our land, or you will return to our creed.” It was thus that their Lord inspired them: “We will destroy the wicked.”

14. “And We will let you reside in the land after them. That is for those who fear My station and fear My deliverance.”

15. And they sought victory, and every arrogant tyrant was then made to lose.

16. From behind him is Hell, and he will be served from boiled water.

17. He tries to drink it, but it cannot be swallowed, and death comes to him from everywhere, but he will not die; and behind him is a powerful retribution.

18. The example of those who reject their Lord is that their works are like ashes, on which the wind blows strongly on a stormy day, they cannot get anything of what they earned. Such is the farthest misguidance.

19. Did you not see that God created the heavens and earth with truth? If He wished, He would do away with you and bring a new creation.

20. And that for God is not difficult.

21. And they appeared before God, all of them. And the weak ones said to those who were arrogant: “We were following you, so will you avail us anything from God’s retribution?” They said: “If God Had guided us, then we would have guided you. It makes no difference if we cry out or are patient, for we have no refuge.”

22. And the devil said when the matter was complete: “God Had promised you the promise of truth, and I promised you and broke my promise. And I had no power over you except that I invited you and you responded to me. So do not blame me, but blame yourselves; I cannot help you nor can you help me. I reject that you have set me as a partner before this; the wicked will have a painful retribution.”

23. And admission was given to those who believed and did good works to gardens with rivers flowing beneath them. In them they will abide by the leave of their Lord. Their greeting therein is “Peace.”

24. Have you not seen how God cites the example of a good word like a good tree, whose root is firm and its branches in the sky.

25. It bears its fruit every so often by its Lord’s leave. And God cites the examples for mankind, perhaps they will remember.

26. And the example of a bad word is like a tree which has been uprooted from the surface of the earth, it has nowhere to settle.

27. God makes firm those who believe with firm sayings in the worldly life, and in the Hereafter. And He misguides the wicked, and God does what He wishes.

28. Did you not see those who replaced God’s blessings with rejection, and they caused their people to dwell in the abode of destruction?

29. Hell is where they will burn, what a miserable place to settle.

30. And they made to God equals in order that they may misguide from His path. Say: “Enjoy, for your destiny is to the Fire.”

31. Say to My servants who believe, that they should establish the assembly, and spend from what provisions We granted them secretly and publicly, before a day comes when there is no selling therein, nor are there any friends.

32. God is the One who created the heavens and the earth, and He sent down water from the sky and brought out from fruits as provisions for you, and He committed for you the ships to run in the sea by His command, and He committed for you the rivers.

33. And He committed for you the sun and the moon, both in continuity; and He committed for you the night and the day.

34. And He gave you all that you have asked Him. And if you were to count God’s blessings, you will never fathom them. The human is indeed transgressing, disbelieving.

35. And Abraham said: “My Lord, make this town a sanctuary, and keep me and my sons away from serving statues.”

36. “My Lord, they have misguided many from amongst mankind. So, whoever follows me, then he is of me, and whoever disobeys me, then You are Forgiving, Merciful.”

37. “My Lord, I have resided part of my progeny in a valley with no vegetation at your restricted Shrine. My Lord, so that they may establish the assembly. So let the hearts of man incline towards them and give provisions to them of fruits that they may give thanks.”

38. “Our Lord, you know what we hide and what we declare. And nothing is hidden from God at all in the earth or in the heavens.”

39. “Praise be to God who has granted me in old age Ishmael and Isaac. My Lord is the hearer of prayers.”

40. “My Lord, let me establish the assembly, and also from my progeny. Our Lord, accept our prayer.”

41. “Our Lord, forgive me and my parents, and the believers on the day the judgment is called.”

42. And do not think that God is unaware of what the wicked do. He is merely delaying them to a day when all eyes are watching.

43. They will approach with their heads bowed, and their eyes will not blink, and their hearts will be void.

44. And warn mankind of the day when the retribution will come to them, and those who were wicked will say: “Our Lord, delay this for us until a short time, and we will heed your call and follow the messengers!” Did you not swear before this that you would last forever?

45. And you resided in the homes of those who had wronged themselves, and it was made clear to you what We did to them. And We cited the examples to you.

46. And they schemed their scheming, and their scheming is known to God; and their scheming was enough to make the mountains cease to exist.

47. So do not think that God will fail to keep His promise to His messengers. God is Noble, able to seek revenge.

48. The day the earth is changed with another earth, as are the heavens, and they will appear before God, the One, the Irresistible.

49. And you will see the criminals on that day bound in chains.

50. Their clothes will be of tar, and the fire will overwhelm their faces.

51. Thus God will recompense every soul by what it earned. God is quick to reckoning.

52. This is a proclamation for mankind and so that they are warned with it, and so that they know that there is but One God, and so that those with intelligence will remember.


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. A.L.R., these are the signs of the scripture, and a clear Quran.

2. Perhaps those who have rejected will wish they had surrendered!

3. Leave them to eat and enjoy, and let them be preoccupied with hope. They will come to know.

4. We have not destroyed any town except that it had a decreed time.

5. No nation can quicken its fate, nor can they delay.

6. And they said: “O you upon whom the Reminder has been sent down, you are crazy.”

7. “Why not bring us the Angels if you are of the truthful ones?”

8. We do not send down the Angels except with truth, and then they would have no more delay.

9. Indeed it is We who have sent down the Reminder, and indeed it is We who will preserve it.

10. And We have sent before you to the groups of old.

11. And any messenger that came to them, they would mock him.

12. It is such that We let it seep into the hearts of the criminals.

13. They do not believe in it, while the examples of the early generations has been brought to them.

14. And if We opened for them a gate in the heaven and they were to continue ascending to it.

15. They would have said: “Our sight has been fogged. No, we are a people who are being bewitched!”

16. And We have placed towers in the heavens and We have made them pleasant to the onlookers.

17. And We have guarded them from every outcast devil.

18. Except he who listens to steal information, he will be pursued clearly by a flaming meteor.

19. And the land We have stretched, and placed stabilizers in it, and We have planted in it everything in balance.

20. And We made for you in it a habitat, as well as those whom you are not required to provide for.

21. And there is not a thing, except that We have vaults of it, yet We only send it down in a measured amount.

22. And We have sent the winds to pollinate, and We sent down water from the sky for you to drink. And it is not you who are keeping it in storage.

23. And it is indeed We who give life and death, and We are the inheritors.

24. And We have known those who came early amongst you, and We have known those who came late.

25. And it is your Lord that will gather them. He is Wise, Knowledgeable.

26. And We have created man from a clay hardened and shaped.

27. And the Jinn, We created him before that from the flames of fire.

28. And your Lord said to the Angels: “I am creating a human from a clay hardened and shaped.”

29. “So when I perfect him, and blow of My spirit in him, you shall submit to him.”

30. Thus, all of the Angels submitted.

31. Except for Satan, he refused to be with those who submitted.

32. He said: “O Satan, what is the matter that you are not with those who have submitted?”

33. He said: “I am not to submit to a human you have created from a clay hardened and shaped.”

34. He said: “Exit from here, you are cast out.”

35. “And a curse shall be upon you until the day of judgment.”

36. He said: “My Lord, delay me until the day they are resurrected.”

37. He said: “You are given delay.”

38. “Until the day of the appointed time.”

39. He said: “My Lord, for that which I have been misled by, I will make the earth appear beautiful for them, and I will mislead them all.”

40. “Except for your servants who are devoted.”

41. He said: “This is a Straight Path to Me.”

42. “My servants, you shall have no authority over them, except those who are misled and follow you.”

43. “And Hell, for all of those, shall be the appointed place.”

44. “It has seven gates, for every gate will be an assigned segment from them.”

45. The righteous will be in gardens and water springs.

46. “Enter it in peace and security.”

47. And We removed what sadness was in their chests, they are brothers on beds facing one another.

48. No fatigue shall touch them, nor will they be made to leave from it.

49. Inform My servants that I am the Forgiver, the Merciful.

50. And that My punishment is a painful retribution.

51. And inform them of Abraham’s guests.

52. That they entered upon him, they said: “Peace.” He said: “We are worried by you.”

53. They said: “Do not worry, we bring you good news of a knowledgeable son.”

54. He said: “What good news can you bring me when old age has come upon me? Is that your good news?”

55. They said: “We have brought you good news with truth, so do not be of those in denial.”

56. He said: “And who would deny the mercy of his Lord except the misguided ones!”

57. He said: “What then is your business here, O messengers?”

58. They said: “We have been sent to a people who are criminals.”

59. “Except for the family of Lot, we will save them all.”

60. “Except for his wife, we have measured that she will be with those destroyed.”

61. So when the messengers came to the family of Lot.

62. He said: “You are a people unknown to me.”

63. They said: “Alas, we have come to you with that which they are doubting.”

64. “And we have come to you with the truth, and we are forthcoming.”

65. “So let your family leave during the last hours of the night, and you follow just behind them, and do not let any of you look back, and go to where you are commanded.”

66. And We made it known to him, that the seed of these people will be cut off in the morning.

67. And the people of the city came seeking good news.

68. He said: “These are my guests, so do not embarrass me!”

69. “And be aware of God, and do not disgrace me!”

70. They said: “Did we not forbid you from outsiders?”

71. He said: “Here are my daughters if it is your intention.”

72. By your life, they are in their drunkenness, blundering.

73. So the scream took them at sunrise.

74. Thus We turned it upside down, and rained over them with rocks of baked clay.

75. In this are signs for those who see.

76. And it was on an established path.

77. In that is a sign for the believers.

78. And the dwellers of the forest were wicked.

79. So, We sought revenge from them. And they were both on an open path.

80. And the dwellers of the rock disbelieved the messengers.

81. And We gave them Our signs, but they turned away from them.

82. And they used to sculpt from the mountains dwellings that were secure.

83. So the scream took them in the morning.

84. What benefit did what they earn make for them?

85. And We have not created the heavens and the earth and what is in between except with the truth. And the hour is coming, so overlook their faults gracefully.

86. Your Lord is the Creator, the Knower.

87. And We have given you seven of the pairs and the great Quran.

88. So do not linger with your eyes on what We have bestowed upon some couples from them, and do not grieve for them, and lower your wing for the believers.

89. And say: “I am the clarifying warner.”

90. As We have sent down on the dividers.

91. The ones who have made the Quran obsolete.

92. By your Lord, We will ask them all.

93. Regarding what they use to do.

94. So proclaim what you have been commanded and turn away from those who set-up partners.

95. We will relieve you from those who mocked.

96. Those who placed with God another god. They will come to know.

97. And We know that your chest is strained by what they say.

98. So glorify with the praise of your Lord, and be of those who submit.

99. And serve your Lord until certainty will come to you.


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. God’s command will come, so do not hasten it. Glorified is He and High above the partners they have set-up.

2. He sends down the Angels with the spirit by His command upon whom He wishes of His servants: “That you shall warn that there is no god but I, so be aware of Me.”

3. He created the heavens and the earth with the truth. He is High above the partners they have set-up.

4. He created man from a drop, but then he becomes clearly in opposition.

5. And the livestock He created them for you, in them is warmth and benefits, and from them you eat.

6. And for you in them is beauty, when you relax and when you travel.

7. And they carry your loads to a land you would not have been able to reach except with great strain. Your Lord is Compassionate, Merciful.

8. And the horses, and mules, and donkeys, that you may ride them and as an adornment. And He creates what you do not know.

9. And towards God shall be the path, but some are misleading. And if He wished, He could have guided you all.

10. He is the One who sent down water from the sky for you, from it you drink, and from it water to the trees that you wander around.

11. He brings forth with it vegetation and olives and palm trees and grapes and from all the fruits. In that are signs for a people who think.

12. And He committed for you the night and the day, and the sun and the moon, and the stars are committed by His command. In that are signs for a people who comprehend.

13. And what He Has placed for you on earth in various colors. In that are signs for a people who remember.

14. And He is the One who committed the sea, that you may eat from it a tender meat, and that you may extract from it pearls that you wear. And you see the ships flowing through it, so that you may seek from His bounty, and that you may be thankful.

15. And He has cast into the earth stabilizers so that it does not sway with you, and rivers, and paths, perhaps you will be guided.

16. And landmarks, and by the stars they use to guide.

17. Is the One who creates the same as one who does not create? Will you not remember?

18. And if you count the blessings of God you will not be able to fathom them. God is Forgiving, Merciful.

19. And God knows what you hide and what you declare.

20. As for those they call on besides God, they do not create anything, but are themselves created!

21. They are dead, not alive, and they will not know when they are resurrected.

22. Your God is One God. Those who do not believe in the Hereafter, their hearts are denying, and they are arrogant.

23. Certainly, God knows what they hide and what they reveal. He does not like the arrogant.

24. And if they are told: “What has your Lord sent down?” They say: “Fairytales of old.”

25. They will carry their burdens in full on the day of judgment, and also from the burdens of those whom they misguided without knowledge. Evil indeed is what they bear.

26. Those before them have schemed, but God came to their buildings from the foundation, thus the roof fell on top of them, and the retribution came to them from where they did not know.

27. Then, on the day of judgment He will humiliate them, and say: “Where are My partners whom you used to dispute regarding them?” Those who have received the knowledge said: “The humiliation today and misery is upon the rejecters.”

28. Those whom the Angels put to death while they had wronged their souls: “Peace, we did not do any evil!” “Alas, God is aware of what you had done.”

29. “So enter the gates of Hell, in it you shall abide; such is the abode of the arrogant.”

30. And it was said to those who were righteous: “What has your Lord sent down?” They said: “That which is good.” For those who have done good in this world there is good, and the Hereafter is even better. Excellent indeed is the home of the righteous.

31. The gardens of Eden, which they will enter, with rivers flowing beneath, in it they will have what they wish. It is such that God rewards the righteous.

32. Those whom the Angels put to death who are good, they will say: “Peace be upon you, enter Paradise because of that which you have done.”

33. Are they waiting for the Angels to come for them, or a command from your Lord? It was exactly the same as what those before them did. God did not wrong them, but it was their own selves that they wronged.

34. Thus, the evil of their work afflicted them, and they were surrounded by that which they used to make fun of!

35. And those who set-up partners said: “If God had wished it, we would not have served anything besides Him; neither us nor our fathers; nor would we have forbidden anything without Him.” Those before them did the exact same thing; so are the messengers required to do anything but deliver with clarity?

36. And We have sent a messenger to every nation: “You shall serve God and avoid evil.” Some of them were guided by God, and some of them deserved to be misguided. So travel in the land, and see how the punishment was of those who denied.

37. If you are concerned for their guidance, God does not guide whom He misleads. And they will have no victors.

38. And they swore by God, in their strongest oaths, that God will not resurrect whoever dies. No, it is a promise of truth upon Him, but most people do not know.

39. So that He will make clear for them that in which they have disputed, and so that those who have rejected will know that they were liars.

40. It is Our saying to a thing if We want it, to say to it: “Be,” and it is.

41. And those who have emigrated to God, after they were oppressed, We will grant them good in the world, and the reward of the Hereafter will be greater, if they knew.

42. Those who are patient, and put their trust in their Lord.

43. And We did not send any except men before you whom We inspired, so ask the people who received the reminder if you do not know.

44. With clarity and the Psalms. And We sent down to you the reminder to make clear to the people what was sent to them, and perhaps they will think.

45. Have those who schemed evil guaranteed that God will not make the earth swallow them, or the retribution come to them from where they do not expect?

46. Or that He will not take them in their sleep, for they cannot stop it?

47. Or that He will take them while they are in fear, for your Lord is Compassionate, Merciful.

48. Did they not see that anything God creates, its shadow inclines to the right and the left submitting to God, while they are willing?

49. And to God submit all those in the heavens and all those on the earth, from the creatures as well as the Angels, and they are not arrogant.

50. They fear their Lord from above them, and they do what they are commanded.

51. And God said: “Do not take-up two gods, there is only One god, so it is Me that you shall reverence.”

52. And to Him is what is in the heavens and the earth, and the system shall be to Him. Is it other than God that you shall be aware of?

53. And any blessings that are with you are from God. But, when harm afflicts you, to Him you cry out.

54. Then, when He removes the harm from you, a group of you set-up partners with their Lord!

55. So they reject what We have given them. Enjoy, for you will come to know.

56. And they allocate a portion from what We provide to them to that which they have no knowledge of. By God, you will be asked about the lies you have invented!

57. And they assign their daughters to God; be He glorified; and to them is what they desire.

58. And when one of them is given news of a female, his face becomes darkened and he is in grief!

59. He hides from his people because of the bad news he has received. Shall he keep her with dishonour, or bury her in the sand? Miserable indeed is how they judge!

60. For those who do not believe in the Hereafter is the worst example, and for God is the highest example, and He is the Noble, the Wise.

61. And if God were to immediately call mankind to account for their transgression, then He would not leave a single creature standing. But He delays them to a determined time; so when that time comes to any of them, they cannot delay it by one hour or advance it.

62. And they assign to God what they hate, and their tongues describe with lies that they will have what is good. No doubt they will have the Fire, for they have rebelled.

63. By God, We have sent others to nations before you, but the devil adorned their work for them. So he is their ally today, and they will have a painful retribution.

64. And We did not send down the Scripture to you except that you may clarify to them that in which they disputed, and as a guidance and mercy to a people who believe.

65. And God Has sent down water from the sky, so He revives the land with it after its death. In that is a sign for a people who listen.

66. And for you there is a lesson in the livestock; We give you to drink from what is in its stomach between the digested food and the blood, a pure milk which is relieving for the drinkers.

67. And from the fruits of the palm trees and the grapes you make strong drink and a good income. In that is a sign for a people who comprehend.

68. And your Lord inspired to the bees: “You shall take homes of the mountains and of the trees and of what they erect.”

69. Then you shall eat from every fruit, so seek the path your Lord has made easy. From its stomach will emerge a liquid that has different colors, in it is a healing for mankind. In that is a sign for a people who will think.

70. And God created you then He will put you to death. And some of you will continue to old age so that he will not know anything more after his knowledge. God is Knowing, Capable.

71. And God Has preferred some of you over others in provision. Those who have been preferred will not relinquish their provision to those who are still dependant, so they may become equal in it. Are they denying the favour of God?

72. And God Has made for you mates from amongst yourselves, and He Has made from your mates children and grandchildren, and He Has provided you from the good provisions. Do they believe in falsehood, while in God’s favour they deny?

73. And they serve besides God that which does not and cannot, possess anything of the provisions from the sky or the land.

74. So do not give parables to God. God knows while you do not know.

75. God puts forth the example of a slave who is owned and cannot achieve anything against one whom We have provided a good provision which he spends of it secretly and openly. Are they the same? God be praised, but most of them do not know.

76. And God puts forth the example of two men, one of them is mute and he cannot achieve anything, and he is a burden to his guardian. Wherever he points him, he does not come with any good. Is he the same as one who orders good and he is upon a straight path?

77. And to God is the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and the matter of the Hour is like the blink of the eye or nearer. God is capable of all things.

78. And God brought you out of your mothers wombs while you knew nothing. And He made for you the hearing and the eyesight and the heart, perhaps you would be thankful.

79. Did they not look to the birds suspended in the atmosphere of the sky? No one holds them up except God. In that are signs for a people who believe.

80. And God Has made your homes a habitat, and He made for you from the hides of the livestock homes which you find light when you travel and when you stay, and from its wool, fur, and hair you make furnishings and goods, for a while.

81. And God Has made for you shade from what He created, and He made from the mountains a refuge for you, and He made for you garments which protect you from the heat, and garments which protect you from an attack. It is such that He completes His blessing upon you, that you may surrender.

82. So if they turn away, then you are only required to deliver clearly.

83. They recognize God’s blessings, then they deny them. And most of them are rejecters.

84. And the day We send from every nation a witness, then those who have rejected will not be given leave, nor will they be allowed to repent.

85. And when those who were wicked see the retribution, it will not be lightened for them, nor will they be given respite.

86. And when those who set-up partners saw the partners they made, they said: “Our Lord, these are our partners that we used to call upon besides You.” But they returned in answer to them: “You are liars!”

87. And they surrendered to God on that day, and what they had invented abandoned them.

88. Those who rejected, and repelled others from the path of God, We have increased the retribution for them over the retribution for what they had corrupted.

89. And the day We send to every nation a witness against them from themselves, and We have brought you as a witness against these. And We have sent down to you the Scripture as a clarification for all things, and a guide and mercy and good tidings to those who have surrendered.

90. God orders justice and goodness and that you shall help your relatives, and He deters from evil, vice, and transgression. He warns you that you may remember.

91. And fulfill your pledge to God when you pledge so, and do not break your oath after making it, for you have made God a sponsor over you. God is aware of what you do.

92. And do not be like she who unravelled her knitting after it had become strong, by breaking your oaths as a means of deception between you. That a nation shall be more numerous than another nation, God puts you to the test with it. And He will show you on the day of judgment that which you were disputing in.

93. And had God wished, He would have made you one nation, but He misguides whom He wishes, and He guides whom He wishes. And you will be asked about what you used to do.

94. And do not use your oaths as a means of deception between you, that a foot will falter after it had been firm, and you will taste the evil of what you turned away from the path of God, and you will have a great retribution.

95. And do not purchase with God’s pledge a cheap price. What is with God is far better for you if you know.

96. What you have will run out, while what God has will remain. And We will recompense those who are patient their reward with the best of what they used to do.

97. Whoever does good work, be he male or female, and is a believer, We will give a good life and we will reward them their dues with the best of what they used to do.

98. So, when you read the Quran, you shall seek refuge with God from Satan the outcast.

99. He has no authority over those who believe, and who put their trust in their Lord.

100. His authority is over those who follow him, and set him up as a partner.

101. And if We place a verse in place of another verse; and God is more aware of what He is revealing; they say: “You are making this up!” Alas, most of them do not know.

102. Say: “The holy spirit has sent it down from your Lord with truth, so that those who believe will be strengthened, and as a guidance and good news for those who have surrendered.”

103. And We are aware that they say: “A human is teaching him.” The language of the one they refer to is foreign, while this is a clear Arabic language.

104. Those who do not believe in God’s revelations, God will not guide them, and they will have a painful retribution.

105. Making-up lies is only done by those who do not believe in God’s revelations, and these are the liars.

106. Whoever rejects God after having believed; except for one who is forced while his heart is still content with belief; but the one who opens his chest to rejection, then they will have a wrath from God and they will have a great retribution.

107. That is because they preferred the worldly life over the Hereafter, and God does not guide the rejecting people.

108. Those are the ones whom God Has stamped on their hearts, and their hearing, and their sight, and these are the unaware ones.

109. Without doubt, in the Hereafter they are the losers.

110. Then your Lord is to those who emigrated after they were persecuted, then they strived and were patient; your Lord after that is Forgiving, Merciful.

111. The day every soul will come to argue for itself, and every soul will be paid in full for what it did, and they will not be wronged.

112. And God cites the example of a town which was peaceful and content, its provisions were coming to it bountifully from all places, but then it rebelled against God’s blessings and God made it taste hunger and fear for what they used to do.

113. And a messenger came to them from themselves, but they denied him, so the punishment took them while they were wicked.

114. So eat from what God has provided for you, that which is good and lawful, and thank the blessings of God, if it is indeed He whom you serve.

115. He only made forbidden for you what is dead, and running blood, and the meat of pig, and what was sacrificed to any other than God. But whoever is forced to without disobedience or transgression, then God is Forgiving, Merciful.

116. And do not say regarding what your tongues describe with lies: “This is lawful and that is forbidden.” that you seek to invent lies about God. Those who invent lies about God will not succeed.

117. A small enjoyment, and they will have a painful retribution.

118. And for those who are Jews, We forbade what We narrated to you before. We did not wrong them, but it was themselves they used to wrong.

119. Then your Lord to those who do evil out of ignorance, then they repent after than and they make right, your Lord after that is Forgiving, Merciful.

120. Abraham was a nation, devoted to God, a monotheist, and he was not of those who set-up partners.

121. Thankful for God’s blessings. He chose him and guided him to a Straight Path.

122. And We gave him good in this world, and in the Hereafter he is of the upright ones.

123. Then We inspired to you: “You shall follow the creed of Abraham, monotheism, and he was not of those who set-up partners.”

124. The Sabbath was only decreed for those who disputed in it, and your Lord will judge between them for that which they disputed in.

125. Invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and good advice, and argue with them with that which is better. Your Lord is fully aware of who is misguided from His path, and He is fully aware of the guided ones.

126. And if you punish, then punish with equivalence to that which you were punished. And if you are patient then it is better for the patient ones.

127. And be patient, for your patience is on none but God. And do not grieve for them, and do not be depressed by what they scheme.

128. God is with those who are aware and are good doers.


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. Glory be to the One who took His servant by night from the restricted Temple to the most distant temple which We have blessed around, so that We may show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Listener, the Seer.

2. And We gave Moses the Scripture and We made it a guidance for the Children of Israel: “Do not believe in any besides Me.”

3. The progeny of those whom We carried with Noah, he was a thankful servant.

4. And We decreed to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, that you will make corruption twice on earth, and that you will become very high and mighty.

5. So, when the promise of the first one comes to pass, We would send against you servants of Ours who are very powerful, thus they managed to breach your very homes, and this was a promise which has come to pass.

6. Then We gave back to you your independence from them, and We supplied you with wealth and children, and We made you more influential.

7. If you do good, then it will be good for you, and if you do bad, then so be it. But when the promise of the second time comes, they will make your faces filled with sorrow and they will enter the temple as they did the first time, and they will strike down all that was raised up.

8. Perhaps your Lord will have mercy on you, and if you revert then so will We. And We made Hell a gathering place for the rejecters.

9. This Quran guides to that which is more upright, and it gives glad tidings to the believers who do good work that they will have a bountiful reward.

10. And for those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have prepared for them a painful retribution.

11. And mankind calls to evil as much as he calls to good, and mankind was always hasty.

12. And We made the night and the day as two signs, so We erased the sign of night and We made the sign of day to see-in, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the number of the years and the count. And everything We have detailed completely.

13. And We have attached to every person’s neck his deeds, and We bring forth for him a record on the day of resurrection which he will find on display.

14. Read your record! It is enough for you that you are aware of yourself today.

15. Whoever is guided is guided for himself, and whoever is misguided is for his own loss. And no person shall carry the load of another, and We were not to punish until We send a messenger.

16. And if We wish to destroy a town, We allow the carefree to rule it, then they will commit evil in it, then it will deserve the punishment, then We will destroy it completely.

17. And how many a generation have We destroyed after Noah? And it is enough for your Lord to have knowledge and sight over the sins of His servants.

18. Whoever seeks the easy life, We will make for Him what We wish, then We will make Hell for him a place which he will reach disgraced and rejected.

19. And whoever seeks the afterlife and strives for it as it deserves, and is a believing person, then to those what they have sought is given in thanks.

20. For both groups We will bestow from the bounty of your Lord. And the bounty of your Lord is never restricted.

21. See how We have preferred some of them over the others; and in the Hereafter are greater levels, and greater preference.

22. Do not make with God another god, or you will find yourself disgraced, abandoned.

23. And your Lord decreed that you shall not serve except Him, and do good to your parents. When one of them or both of them reaches old age, do not say to them a word of disrespect nor shout at them, but say to them a kind saying.

24. And lower for them the wing of humility through mercy, and say: “My Lord, have mercy upon them as they have raised me when I was small.”

25. Your Lord is fully aware of what is in your souls. If you are good, then He is a Forgiver for those who repent.

26. And give the relative his due, and the poor, and the traveling stranger; but do not spend excessively.

27. Those who spend excessively are brothers to the devils, and the devil was to his Lord a rejecter.

28. And if you turn away from them to seek a mercy from your Lord which you desire, then say to them a gentle saying.

29. And do not make your hand stingy by holding it to your neck, nor shall you lay it openly so you become in despair and regret.

30. Your Lord lays out openly the provision for whom He wishes, and He is able to do so. He is Expert and Watcher to His servants.

31. And do not kill your unborn children out of fear of poverty; We shall provide for you and them. The killing of them was a big mistake.

32. And do not come near adultery, for it is a sin and an evil path.

33. And do not kill, for God Has made this forbidden, except in the course of justice. And whoever is killed unjustly, then We have given his heir authority, so let him not transgress in the taking of a life, for He will be given victory.

34. And do not come near the orphan’s money, except for that which is best, until he reaches maturity. And fulfill your oath, for the oath brings responsibility.

35. And give full measure when you deal, and weigh with a balance that is straight. That is good and better in the end.

36. And do not uphold what you have no knowledge of. For the hearing, eyesight, and mind all these you are responsible for.

37. And do not walk in the land arrogantly, for you will not penetrate the earth, nor will you reach the mountains in height.

38. All of this is bad, and disliked by your Lord.

39. That is from what your Lord Has inspired to you of the wisdom. And do not make with God another god, or you will be cast into Hell, blameworthy and regretting.

40. Has your Lord preferred for you the males, while He takes the females as Angles? You are indeed saying a great thing!

41. And We have cited in this Quran so they may remember, but it only increases their aversion!

42. Say: “If there had been gods with Him as they say, then they would have tried to gain a way to the throne.”

43. Be He glorified and High from what they say, a great falsehood.

44. He is glorified by the seven heavens and the earth and who is in them, and there is not a thing but it glorifies His praise, but you do not comprehend their glorification. He is Compassionate, Forgiving.

45. And when you explain the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier.

46. And we place shields over their hearts, that they should not understand it, and a deafness in their ears. And if you mention your Lord in the Quran alone, they run away turning their backs in aversion.

47. We are fully aware of what they are listening to, for they are listening to you but while they are in council the wicked say: “You are but following a man bewitched!”

48. See how they cite the examples for you. They have gone astray, and cannot come to the path.

49. And they said: “When we are bones and fragments, will we then be resurrected to a new creation?”

50. Say: “Even if you be you stones or metal.”

51. “Or a creation that is held high in your chests.” They will say: “Who will return us?” Say: “The One who initiated you the first time.” They will shake their heads to you and say: “When is this?” Say: “Perhaps it is near.”

52. The day He calls you and you respond by His grace, and you think that you only stayed a little while.

53. And say to My servants to speak for that which is best. The devil plants animosity between them. The devil was to mankind a clear enemy.

54. Your Lord is fully aware of you, if He wishes He will have mercy on you, or if He wishes He will punish you. And We have not sent you as a guardian over them.

55. And your Lord is fully aware of who is in the heavens and the earth. And We have preferred some prophets over others, and We gave David the Psalms.

56. Say: “Call on those you have claimed besides Him. For they have no power to remove harm from you or shift it.”

57. The ones you call on, they are themselves seeking a path to their Lord which is nearer, and they desire His mercy, and they fear His retribution. The retribution of your Lord is to be feared!

58. And there is not a town before the day of resurrection that We will destroy it, or punish it a severe punishment. This has been written in the scripture.

59. And what stopped Us from sending the signs except that the previous people disbelieved in them. And We sent to Thamud the camel with foresight, but they did her wrong. And We do not send the signs except to make them fearful.

60. And when We said to you: “Your Lord Has encompassed mankind.” And We did not make the vision that We showed you except as a test for mankind, and tree cursed in the Quran. And We are making them fearful, but it only increases their transgression greatly.

61. And We said to the Angels: “Submit to Adam.” So they submitted except for Satan, he said: “Shall I submit to one you have created from mud!”

62. He said: “Shall I show you this one whom You have preferred over me, that if you delay me until the day of resurrection, I will seize his progeny, except for a few.”

63. He said: “Go, and whoever follows you from them. Hell shall be the reward to you all, a reward well deserved.”

64. “And entice whoever you can of them with your voice, and mobilizes all your forces and men against them, and you may share with them in their money and children, and promise them.” But the devil promises nothing but deceit.

65. “As for My servants, you will have no power over them.” And your Lord suffices as a Caretaker.

66. Your Lord in the One Who drives the ships for you in the sea so that you may seek of His bounty. He is Most Merciful towards you.

67. And if harm should afflict you at sea, then all those whom you called on besides Him vanish from you except for Him. So when He saves you to dry land, you turn away. Mankind is ever ungrateful.

68. Are you confident that He will not cause this side of the land to swallow you up, or that He would send a violent storm against you? Then you will find no Caretaker for yourselves.

69. Or are you confident that He would not send you back again in it, then He would send against you a violent wind and cause you to drown for your rejection? Then you will not find a second chance against Us.

70. And We have honoured the Children of Adam and carried them in the land and the sea, and We have provided for them of the good things, and We have preferred them over many of those We created in a marked preference.

71. The day We call every people by their scripture. Then, whoever is given his record by his right, they will relate their record, and they will not be wronged in the least.

72. And whosoever is blind in this, then he will be blind in the Hereafter and more astray from the path.

73. And they nearly diverted you from what We inspired to you so that you would fabricate something different against Us, and then they would have taken you as a friend!

74. And if We had not made you stand firm, you were about to lean towards them a little bit.

75. Then, We would have made you taste double the retribution in this life and double the retribution in death. And then you would not find for yourself any victor against Us.

76. And they nearly frightened you to drive you out of the land. But in that case, they would have shortly been destroyed after you were gone.

77. This is the way of those whom We sent before you of Our messengers. And you will not find any change in Our way.

78. You shall establish the assembly at the sun’s setting until the darkness of the night, and the Quran at dawn; the Quran at dawn has been witnessed.

79. And from the night you shall mediate upon it voluntarily for you, perhaps your Lord would grant you to a high rank.

80. And say: “My Lord, admit me an entrance of truth and let me exit an exit of truth, and grant me from Yourself a victorious support.”

81. And say: “The truth has come and falsehood has perished. Falsehood is always bound to perish!”

82. And We send down from the Quran what is a healing and mercy to the believers. And it only increases the wicked in their loss.

83. And if We bless man, he turns away and turns his side. But when adversity touches him, he is ever in despair!

84. Say: “Let each work according to his own. Your Lord is fully aware of who is best guided to the path.”

85. And they ask you concerning the Spirit. Say: “The Spirit is from the command on my Lord, and the knowledge you were given was but very little.”

86. And if We wished, We would take away that which We have inspired to you. Then you would not find for yourself with it against Us a caretaker.

87. Except for a mercy from your Lord. His favour upon you has been great.

88. Say: “If all the humans and the Jinn were to gather to bring a Quran like this, they could not come with its like, even if they were helping one another.”

89. And We have cited to mankind in this Quran of every example, but most of mankind refuse to be anything but a rejecter!

90. And they said: “We will not believe to you until you cause a spring of water to burst from the land”

91. “Or that you have a garden of palm trees and grapes, and you cause gushing rivers to burst through it.”

92. “Or that you make the sky fall upon us in pieces as you claimed, or that you bring God and the Angels before us.”

93. “Or that you have a luxurious mansion, or that you can ascend into the heavens. And we will not believe in your ascension unless you bring for us a record that we can read.” Say: “Glory be to my Lord. Am I anything but a human messenger?”

94. And what stopped the people from believing when the guidance came to them, except that they said: “Has God sent a human messenger?”

95. Say: “If the earth had Angels walking about in security, We would have sent down to them from heaven an Angel as messenger.”

96. Say: “God suffices as a witness between me and you. He is Expert and Watcher over His servants.”

97. Whomever God guides is the truly guided one. And whomever He misguides then you will not find for them any allies except for Him. And We gather them on the day of resurrection on their faces, blind, mute, and deaf; their abode will be Hell. Every time it dies down, We increase for them the fire.

98. Such is their recompense that they rejected Our revelations, and they said: “If we are bones and fragments, will we be sent into a new creation?”

99. Did they not see that God who Has created the heavens and the earth is able to create their like? And He Has made an appointed time for them in which there is no doubt. But the wicked refuse anything except rejection.

100. Say: “If you were the ones possessing the vaults of my Lord’s mercy, you would have held back for fear of spending. And man was always stingy!”

101. And We had given Moses nine clear signs. So ask the Children of Israel, when he came to them, then Pharaoh said: “I think that you Moses are bewitched!”

102. He said: “You know that no one has sent these down except for the Lord of heavens and earth as visible proofs. And I think that you Pharaoh are doomed!”

103. So he wanted to entice them out of the land. But We drowned him and all those with him.

104. And We said after him to the Children of Israel: “Dwell in the land, then, when the time of the second promise comes, We will bring you all together as a mixed crowd.”

105. And it is with truth that We have sent it down, and with truth it came down. And We have not sent you except as a bearer of good news and a warner.

106. And a Quran that We have separated, so that you may read it for the people over time; and We have brought it down gradually.

107. Say: “Believe in it or do not believe in it. Those who have been given the knowledge before it, when it is recited to them, they fall to their chins prostrating.”

108. And they say: “Praise be to our Lord. Truly, the promise of our Lord was fulfilled.”

109. And they fall upon their chins crying, and it increases them in humility.

110. Say: “Call on God or call on the Almighty. Whichever it is you call on, for to Him are the best names.” And do not be too loud in your assembly, nor too quite; but seek a path in between.”

111. And say: “Praise be to God who Has not taken a son, nor does He have a partner in sovereignty, nor does He have an ally out of weakness.” And glorify Him greatly.

In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. Praise be to God who sent down the scripture to His servant, and He did not make in it any crookedness.

2. It is valuable, giving warning of the severe punishment from Him; and it gives glad tidings to the believers who do good works, that they will have a fair reward.

3. In which they will abide eternally.

4. And to warn those who said: “God Has taken a son.”

5. They have no knowledge of this, nor do their fathers. Mighty indeed is the word coming out of their mouths. They are but saying a lie!

6. Perhaps you will torment yourself in grief over them, because they will not believe in this saying at all.

7. We have made what is on earth an adornment for them, so that We will test them as to which is better in deeds.

8. And We will then make what is on it a barren wasteland.

9. Or did you perceive that the people of the cave and the numbers were of Our wondrous signs?

10. When the youths hid in the cave, and they said: “Our Lord, bring us a mercy from Yourself, and help us in our affair!”

11. So We sealed their ears in the cave for a number of years.

12. Then We sent them to know which of the two groups had remained for as long as they stayed.

13. We narrate to you their news with truth. They were youths who believed in their Lord, and We increased them in guidance.

14. And We made firm their hearts when they stood and said: “Our Lord, the Lord of heavens and earth, we will not call besides Him any God. If we have done so then it was in error.”

15. “Here are our people, they have taken gods besides Him, while they do they not come with any clear authority. Who then is more wicked than one who invents lies about God?”

16. So when you withdraw from them and what they serve besides God, seek refuge in the cave, and your Lord will distribute His mercy upon you and prepare for your problem a solution.

17. And you see the sun when it rises, it visits their cave from the right, and when it sets, it touches them from the left, while they are in an enclosure from it. That is from God’s signs. Whomever God guides is the guided one, and whomever He misguides, you will not find for him any ally to lead.

18. And you would think they are awake while they are asleep. And We turn them on the right-side and on the left-side, and their dog has his legs outstretched in their midst. If you looked upon them you would have run away from them and you would have been filled with terror from them!

19. And it was thus that We delivered them so they would ask themselves. A speaker from amongst them said: “How long have you stayed?” They said: “We stayed a day or part of a day.” He said: “Your Lord is surely aware how long you stayed, so send one of you with these stamped coins of yours to the city, and let him see which is the tastiest food, and let him come with a provision of it. And let him be careful and let no one take notice of you.”

20. “If they discover you, they will stone you or return you to their creed. Then you will never be successful.”

21. And as such, We revealed their case so that they would know that God’s promise is true and that there is no doubt regarding the hour. They argued amongst themselves regarding them, so they said: “Erect a monument for them!” Their Lord is fully aware of them, those who managed to win the argument said: “We will construct a temple over them.”

22. They will say: “Three, the fourth is their dog.” And they say: “Five, the sixth is their dog,” guessing at what they do not know. And they say: “Seven, and the eighth is their dog.” Say: “My Lord is fully aware of their number, none know them except for a few.” So do not debate in them except with proof, and do not seek information regarding them from anyone.

23. And do not say of anything: “I will do this tomorrow.”

24. “Except if God wills.” And remember your Lord if you forget and say: “Perhaps my Lord will guide me to what is nearer to this in wisdom.”

25. And they remained in their cave for three hundred years, and increased by nine.

26. Say: “God is fully aware in what they remained, to Him is the unseen of heavens and earth, He sees and hears. They do not have besides Him any ally, nor does He share in His judgment with anyone.”

27. And recite what has been inspired to you from your Lord’s Scripture, there is no changing His words, and you will not find besides Him any refuge.

28. And have patience upon yourself regarding those who call their Lord in the morning and evening seeking His direction, and let not your eyes overlook them that you seek the beauty of this worldly life. And do not obey the one whom We have made his heart heedless of Our remembrance and he followed his desire, and his fate was lost.

29. And say: “The truth is from your Lord, so let whomever desires believe, and whomever desires reject.” We have prepared for the wicked a fire whose walls will be surrounding them. And if they cry out, they are given a water like boiling oil which burns their faces. What a miserable place!

30. Those who believe and do good works, We do not waste the reward of he who has done well.

31. They will have the gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them, and they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and they will wear green outer garments of fine silk. They will sit in it on raised thrones. Beautiful is the reward, and beautiful is the dwelling place.

32. And give them the example of two men. We made for one of them two gardens of grapes, and We surrounded them with palm trees, and We made between them a green field.

33. Both gardens brought forth their fruit, and none failed in the least. And We caused a river to pass through them.

34. And he had fruit, so he said to his friend while discussing with him: “I am better off than you financially, and of great influence.”

35. And he went back into his garden while he had wronged himself. He said: “I do not think that this will ever perish.”

36. “And I do not think that the hour is coming. And when I return to my lord, then I am sure to find with him even better than this as a reward.”

37. His friend said to him while discussing with him: “Have you disbelieved in the One who created you from dirt, then from a seed, then He evolved you into a man?”

38. “But He is God, my Lord, and I do not place any partners at all with my Lord.”

39. “And if you enter your garden, you should have said: “This is what God Has given, there is no power except by God.” You see me as being less than you in wealth and in children?”

40. “Perhaps my Lord will give me better than your garden, and He should send upon it a violent storm from the sky, so it becomes completely barren.”

41. “Or that its water becomes under-ground, so you will not be able to seek it.”

42. So his fruits were ruined, and he began turning his hands at that which he has spent on it while it remained destroyed upon its foundations. And he says: “I wish I did not make any partner with my Lord!”

43. And he had no group which could help against God, and he would not have had victory.

44. Such is the true authority of God. He is best to reward, and best to punish.

45. And give them the example of this worldly life is like a water which We have sent down from the sky, so that the plants of the earth mix with it and it becomes murky being moved by the wind. And God is capable of all things.

46. Wealth and buildings are the beauty of this life. But the good deeds that remain behind is better with your Lord for a reward, and better for hope.

47. And the day We move the mountains, and you see the earth barren, and We gather them. We did not leave out anyone of them.

48. And they are displayed before your Lord as a column: “You have come to Us as We had created you the first time. No, you claimed We would not make for you an appointed time!”

49. And the record was displayed, so you see the criminals fearful of what is in it. And they say: “Woe to us!, what is wrong with this record that it does not leave out anything small or large except that it has counted it.” And they found what they had done present. And your Lord does not wrong anyone.

50. And We said to the Angels: “Submit to Adam.” So they all submitted except for Satan, he was of the Jinn, so he disobeyed the order of his Lord. Will you take him and his progeny as allies besides Me, while they are your enemy? Miserable for the wicked is the substitute!

51. I did not make them witness the creation of heavens and earth, nor the creation of themselves. Nor do I take the misleaders as helpers.

52. The day when He says: “Call on your partners that you had claimed.” So they called them, but they did not respond to them. And We made between them a barrier.

53. And the criminals saw the Fire, and they realized they will be placed in it, and they did not find any way to avert it.

54. And We have cited in this Quran every example for the people. But man was always most argumentative.

55. And what prevented the people from believing when the guidance came to them, and to seek forgiveness from their Lord? Are they waiting for what happened to the people of old to come to them, or that the retribution be brought to them face to face?

56. And We do not send the messengers except as bearers of good news and warners. But those who reject will argue using falsehood to overshadow the truth with it. And they took My revelations and what they have been warned with as a joke!

57. And who is more wicked than one who is reminded of his Lord’s revelations but he turned away from them, and he forgot what his hands had done. We have made veils upon their hearts from understanding it, and a deafness in their ears. And if you invite them to the guidance, they will never then be guided.

58. And your Lord is forgiving, with mercy. If He were to judge the people for what they had already earned, He would hasten for them the retribution. No, they have an appointment, beyond which they will find no escape.

59. And such are the towns which We had destroyed when they transgressed. And We made for their destruction an appointed time.

60. And Moses said to his youth: “I will not stop until I reach the junction of the two seas, or I spend a lifetime trying.”

61. But when they did reach the junction between, they forgot their fish, and it was able to make its way back to the sea in a stream.

62. And when they had passed further on, he said to his youth: “Bring us our lunch; we have found much fatigue in this journey of ours.”

63. He said: “Do you remember when we rested upon the rock? I forgot the fish, and it was the devil that made me forget to remember it. It made its way back to the sea amazingly!”

64. He said: “That is what we have been seeking!” So they went back retracing their steps.

65. So they came upon a servant of Ours whom We had given him mercy from Us and We taught him knowledge from Us.

66. Moses said to him: “Can I follow you so that you will teach me from the guidance you have been taught?”

67. He said: “You will not be able to have patience with me.”

68. “And how can you be patient about that which you have not been given any news?”

69. He said: “You will find me, God willing, to be patient. And I will not disobey any command of yours.”

70. He said: “If you follow me, then do not ask about anything until I relate it to you.”

71. So they ventured forth until they rode in a boat and he put a hole in it. He said: “Did you put a hole in it to drown its people? You have done something dreadful!”

72. He said: “Did I not tell you that you will not be able to have patience with me?”

73. He said: “Forgive me for what I forgot, and do not be hard upon my request with you.”

74. So they ventured forth until they found a boy, and he killed him. He said: “Have you killed an innocent person without it having killed anyone? You have truly come with something awful!”

75. He said: “Did I not tell you that you will not be able to have patience with me?”

76. He said: “If I ask you about anything after this, then do not keep me in your company. You will then have a reason over me.”

77. So they ventured forth until they came to the people of a town. They requested food from its people but they refused to host them. Then they found a wall which was close to collapsing, so he built it. He said: “If you wished, you could have asked a wage for it!”

78. He said: “For this, we will now part ways. I will inform you of the meanings of those things that you could not have patience over.”

79. “As for the boat, it belonged to some poor people who were working the sea, so I wanted to damage it as there was a king coming who takes every boat by force.”

80. “And as for the boy, his parents were believers, so we feared that he would oppress them by transgression and disbelief.”

81. “So we wanted their Lord to replace for them with one who is better than him in purity and closer to mercy.”

82. “And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphaned boys in the city, and underneath it was a treasure for them, and their father was a good person, so your Lord wanted that they would reach their maturity and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord. And none of what I did was of my own accord. That is the meaning of what you could not have patience for.”

83. And they ask you about the two horned one, say: “I will recite to you a memory from him.”

84. We had established him in the land, and We had given him the means of everything.

85. So he followed the means.

86. Until he reached the setting of the sun, and he found it setting in a boiling lake, and he found near it a people. We said: “O two horned one, either you are to punish, or you are to do them good.”

87. He said: “As for he who has transgressed, we will punish him then he will be returned to his Lord and He will punish him an awful punishment.”

88. “And as for he who believes and does good, then he will have the reward of goodness, and we will speak to him simply of our plan.”

89. Then he followed the means.

90. So when he reached the rising of the sin, he found it rising on a people whom We did not make for them any cover except it.

91. So it was, and We knew ahead of time about what he intended.

92. Then he followed the means.

93. Until he reached the area between the two barriers, he found no one beside it except a people who could barely understand anything said.

94. They said: “O two horned one, Gog and Magog are destroyers of the land, so shall we make a tribute for you that you will make between us and them a barrier?”

95. He said: “What my Lord has given me is far better. So help me with strength and I will make between you and them a barrier.”

96. “Bring me oxidized iron.” Until he levelled between the two walls, he said: “Blow,” until he made it a furnace, he said: “Bring me tar so I can pour over it.”

97. So they could not come over it, and they could not make a hole in it.

98. He said: “This is a mercy from my Lord. But when the promise of my Lord comes, he will make it rubble. And the promise of my Lord is truth.”

99. And We left them till that day to surge like waves on one another. And the horn was blown so We gathered them together.

100. And We displayed Hell on that day to the disbelievers openly.

101. Those whose eyes were closed from My remembrance, and they were unable to hear.

102. Did those who reject think that they can take My servants as allies besides Me? We have prepared Hell for the rejecters as a dwelling place.

103. Say: “Shall we inform you of the greatest losers?”

104. “Those whose efforts in the worldly life were wasted while they thought they were doing good!”

105. These are the ones who rejected the revelations of their Lord and His meeting. So their works were in vain, and We will not give them any weight on the day of judgment.

106. That is their recompense, Hell; for what they rejected and for taking My revelations and My messengers for mockery!

107. Those who believe and do good works, they will have gardens of Paradise as a dwelling place.

108. Abiding therein. They will not want to be moved from it.

109. Say: “If the sea were an inkwell for the words of my Lord, then the sea would run out before the words of my Lord run out; even if we were to bring another like it for its aid.”

110. Say: “I am but a human being like you, being inspired that your God is One God. So whoever looks forward to meeting his Lord, then let him do good works and not set-up any partner in the service of his Lord.”


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. K.H’.Y.A’.S’.

2. A reminder of your Lord’s mercy to His servant Zachariah.

3. When he called out to his Lord secretly.

4. He said: “My Lord, my bones have gone frail, and my hair has turned white, and I have never been mischievous in calling to You my Lord.”

5. “And I fear the kinfolk after I am gone, and my wife is infertile, so grant me from Yourself an ally.”

6. “To inherit from me, and inherit from the family of Jacob. And make him my Lord, well pleasing.”

7. “O Zachariah, We give you glad tidings of a son whose name is John. We have not given that name before to anyone.”

8. He said: “My Lord, how can I have a son when my wife is infertile, and I have reached a very old age?”

9. He said: “It is such that your Lord Has said. It is an easy thing for Me. And I Had created you before when you were not even anything.”

10. He said: “My Lord, make for me a sign.” He said: “Your sign is that you will not speak to mankind for three nights consecutively.”

11. So he went out amongst his people from the temple enclosure, and he indicated to them that they should glorify Him at dawn and dusk.

12. “O John, take the scripture with confidence.” And We gave him authority while in his youth.

13. And he had kindness from Us and purity, and he was ever righteous.

14. And dutiful to his parents, and never was he a tyrant or disobedient.

15. And peace be upon him the day he was born, and the day he dies, and the day he is resurrected alive.

16. And recall in the Scripture Mary, when she withdrew herself from her family to a place in the east.

17. She took to a barrier which separated her from them, so We sent Our spirit to her, and he took on the shape of a human in all similarity.

18. She said: “I seek refuge with the Almighty from you if you are a person of faith.”

19. He said: “I am but the messenger of your Lord, to give you the gift of a pure son.”

20. She said: “How can I have a son when no man has sexually touched me, nor have I been unchaste?”

21. He said: “It is such that your Lord has said, it is easy for Me. And We shall make him a sign for mankind and a mercy from Us. It is a matter already ordained.”

22. So she was pregnant with him, and she went to deliver in a far place.

23. Then the birth pains came to her, by the trunk of a palm tree. She said: “I wish I had died before this, and became totally forgotten!”

24. But then he called to her from beneath her: “Do not be sad, your Lord Has made underneath you a stream.”

25. “And shake the trunk of this palm tree, it will cause ripe dates to fall upon you.”

26. “So eat and drink and be happy. If you see any human being, then say: “I have declared a fast for the Almighty, and I will not talk today to any of mankind.””

27. Then she came to her people carrying him. They said: “O Mary, you have come with something totally unexpected!”

28. “O sister of Aaron, your father was not a bad man, and your mother was never unchaste!”

29. So she pointed to him. They said: “How can we talk to someone who is a child in a cradle?”

30. He said: “I am God’s servant, He has given me the scripture and made me a prophet.”

31. “And He made me blessed wherever I was, and He enjoined me with the assembly and towards betterment as long as I am alive.”

32. “And to be dutiful to my mother, and he did not make me a rebellious tyrant.”

33. “And peace be upon me the day I was born, and the day I die, and the day I am resurrected alive.”

34. Such was Jesus, the son of Mary, and this is the truth of the matter in which they doubt.

35. God was never to take a son, be He glorified. If He decrees a matter, then he simply says to it: “Be,” and it is.

36. And God is my Lord and your Lord, so serve Him. This is a straight path.

37. So the parties disputed between them. Therefore, woe to those who have rejected from the scene of a terrible day.

38. Listen to what they say and watch on the day they come to Us. But the wicked today are in clear misguidance.

39. And warn them of the day of remorse. When the matter is decided while they are oblivious, and they do not believe.

40. It is We who will inherit the earth and all that is on it. And to Us they will return.

41. And recall in the Scripture Abraham; he was a man of faith, a prophet.

42. When he said to his father: “O father, why do you serve what does not hear or see, nor help you in anything?”

43. “My father, knowledge has come to me which did not come to you. So follow me that I will guide you to a good path.”

44. “My father, do not serve the devil. For the devil was ever disobedient to the Almighty.”

45. “My father, I fear that a retribution will inflict you from the Almighty and that you will become an ally to the devil.”

46. He said: “Have you abandoned my gods O Abraham? If you do not stop this, I will stone you. Leave me alone.”

47. He said: “Peace be upon you, I will ask forgiveness for you from my Lord. He has been most kind to me.”

48. “And I will abandon you and what you call on besides God. And I will call on my Lord. I hope that I will not be mischievous calling upon my Lord.”

49. So when he abandoned them and what they serve besides God, We granted him Isaac and Jacob, and We made each a prophet.

50. And We granted them from Our mercy, and We made for them a tongue of truth to be heard.

51. And recall in the Scripture Moses; he was loyal, and he was a messenger prophet.

52. And We called him from the right side of the mount, and We brought him close to talk with.

53. And We granted him from Our mercy his brother Aaron as a prophet.

54. And recall in the Scripture Ishmael; he was truthful to his promise, and he was a messenger prophet.

55. And he used to enjoin his family with the assembly and towards betterment, and his Lord was pleased with him.

56. And recall in the Scripture Enoch; he was a man of truth, a prophet.

57. And We raised him to a high place.

58. Those are the ones whom God Has blessed from amongst the prophets from the progeny of Adam, those We carried with Noah, and from the progeny of Abraham and Israel, and from whom We have guided and chosen. When the revelations of the Almighty are recited to them, they fall down submitting and in tears.

59. Then generations came after them who lost the assembly, and followed desires. They will find their consequences.

60. Except for whoever repents and believes and does good work; they will be admitted to Paradise, and they will not be wronged in the least.

61. The gardens of Eden, which the Almighty had promised His servants in the unseen. His promise must come to pass.

62. They will not hear in it any nonsense, only peace. And they will have their provision in it morning and night.

63. Such is Paradise that We inherit to any of Our servants who are righteous.

64. “And we are not sent down except by the command of your Lord. To Him is our present and our future, and all that is in-between. And your Lord was never to forget.”

65. The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in-between them. So serve Him and be patient in His service. Do you know anything that is like Him?

66. And mankind says: “Can it be that when I am dead, I will be brought out alive?”

67. Does mankind not remember that We created him before that and he was nothing at all?

68. By your Lord, We will gather them and the devils, then We will place them around Hell on their knees.

69. Then We will drag out from every group which of them was the worst opposition to the Almighty.

70. Then, it is We who are best aware of those who deserve to be burnt therein.

71. And every single one of you must pass through it. This for your Lord is a certainty that will come to pass.

72. Then We will save those who were righteous, and We leave the wicked in it on their knees.

73. And when Our clear revelations were recited to them, those who rejected said to those who believed: “Which of the two groups of ours is more in authority and more prosperous?”

74. And how many generations have We destroyed before them? They had more wealth and more influence.

75. Say: “Whoever is in misguidance, then the Almighty will lead them on.” Until they see what they have been promised, either the retribution or the hour. Then they will know who is in a worst place and weaker in power.

76. And God increases the guidance of those who are guided. And what remains of good is better with your Lord as a reward and a far better return.

77. Did you see the one who rejected Our revelations and said: “I will be given wealth and children.”

78. Did he look into the future? Or has he taken a pledge with the Almighty?

79. No, We will record what he says, and We will increase for him the retribution significantly.

80. Then We inherit from him all that he said, and he shall come to us all alone.

81. And they have taken gods besides God to be for them their glory.

82. On the contrary, they will reject their service of them and they will be standing against them.

83. Did you not see that We send the devils upon the rejecters to drive them into evil?

84. So do not be impatient; for We are preparing for them a preparation.

85. The day We gather the righteous to the Almighty as a delegation.

86. And We drive the criminals to Hell as a herd.

87. None will posses intercession, except for he who has taken a pledge with the Almighty.

88. And they said the Almighty has taken a son!

89. You have come with a gross blasphemy.

90. The heavens are about to shatter from it, and the earth crack open, and the mountains fall and crumble.

91. That they claimed that the Almighty had a son.

92. And what need does the Almighty have to take a son?

93. When all there is in the heavens and earth will but come to the Almighty as servants.

94. He has encompassed them, and counted them one by one.

95. And all of them will come to Him on the day of resurrection, all alone.

96. Those who believe and do good works, the Almighty will bestow them with love.

97. Thus We have made this easy in your tongue so that you may give good news with it to the righteous and that you may warn with it the most quarrelsome people.

98. And how many a generation have We destroyed before them? Do you perceive any of them or hear from them a sound?


In the name of God, the Almighty, the Most Merciful
1. T’. H’.

2. We did not send down to you the Quran so you may suffer.

3. It is but a reminder for the one who takes heed.

4. Sent down from the One who created the earth and the heavens above.

5. The Almighty, on the throne He settled.

6. To Him is what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and what is in between, and what is underneath the soil.

7. And if you declare openly what you say, He knows the secret and what is hidden.

8. God, there is no god but He, to Him are the beautiful names.

9. And did the news of Moses come to you?

10. When he saw a fire, so he said to his family: “Stay here, I have seen a fire, perhaps I can bring from it something, or find at the fire some guidance.”

11. So when he came to it he was called: “O Moses.”

12. “I am your Lord, so take off your slippers, you are in the holy valley Tawa.”

13. “And I have chosen you, so listen to what is being inspired.”

14. “I am God, there is no god but Me, so serve Me and establish the assembly for My remembrance.”

15. “The hour is coming, I am nearly keeping it hidden, so that every soul will be recompensed with what is strived.”

16. “So do not be deterred from it by he who does not believe in it and followed his desire and perished.”

17. “And what is in your right hand O Moses?”

18. He said: “It is my staff, I lean on it, and I guide my sheep with it, and I have other uses in it.”

19. He said: “Cast it down O Moses.”

20. So he cast it down, and it became a moving serpent!

21. He said: “Take it and do not be fearful, We will turn it back to its previous form.”

22. “And place your hand under your arm, it will come out white without blemish, as another sign.”

23. “This is to show you Our great signs.”

24. “Go to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed.”

25. He said: “My Lord, relieve for me my chest.”

26. “And make my mission easy.”

27. “And remove the knot in my tongue.”

28. “So they can understand what I say.”

29. “And allow for me an advisor from my family.”

30. “Aaron, my brother.”

31. “So that I may strengthen my resolve through him.”

32. “And share with him my mission.”

33. “So that we may glorify You plenty.”

34. “And remember You plenty.”

35. “You Have been watcher over us.”

36. He said: “You have been given what you asked O Moses.”

37. “And We Have graced you another time.”

38. “When We inspired to your mother what was inspired.”

39. “That she should cast him in the basket, and cast the basket in the sea, so the sea will place him on the shore, where an enemy of Mine and his will take him. And I placed upon you a love from Me and that you shall be raised under My eye.”

40. “That your sister should follow, and say: “Shall I guide you to a person who will take charge of him” Thus We returned you to your mother, so that she may be pleased and not be sad. And you killed a person, but We saved you from harm and We tested you greatly. So it was that you stayed with the people of Midian for many years, then you came here by fate O Moses.”

41. “And I Have raised you for Myself.”

42. “Go, you and your brother with Our signs, and do not linger in My remembrance.”

43. “Go, both of you, to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed.”

44. “So say to him soft words, perhaps he will remember or take heed.”

45. They said: “Our Lord, we fear that he would let loose upon us, or transgress.”

46. He said: “Do not fear, I am with you, I hear and I see.”

47. So come to him and say: “We are messengers from your Lord, so send with us the Children of Israel, and do not punish them. We have come to you with a sign from your Lord, and peace be upon those who follow the guidance.”

48. “It has been inspired to us that the retribution will be upon he who denies and turns away.”

49. He said: “So who is the Lord of you both O Moses?”

50. He said: “Our Lord is the One who gave everything its creation, then guided.”

51. He said: “What then has happened to the previous generations?”

52. He said: “There knowledge is with my Lord, in a record. My Lord does not err or forget.”

53. The One who made for you the earth habitable and He made ways for you in it, and He brought down water from the sky, so We brought out with it pairs of vegetation of all types.

54. Eat and raise your livestock, in that are signs for those of thought.

55. From it We created you and in it We return you, and from it We bring you out another time.

56. And We showed him Our signs, all of them, but he denied and refused.

57. He said: “Have you come to us to take us out of our land with your magic O Moses?”

58. “We will bring you a magic like it, so make an appointment between us and you which neither of us will break, a place where we both agree.”

59. He said: “Your appointment is the day of festival, and when the people start crowding during the late morning.”

60. So Pharaoh went away, and he gathered his scheming then he came.

61. Moses said to them: “Woe to you, do not invent lies about God, else the retribution will take you, and miserable is the one who invents.”

62. So they disputed in their matter between themselves, and they kept secret their council.

63. They said: “These are but two magicians who want to take you out of your land with their magic, and they want to do away with your ideal system.”

64. “So agree your scheme, then come as one front. Whoever wins today will succeed.”

65. They said: “O Moses, either you cast down or we will be the first to cast down.”

66. He said: “No, you cast down.” So their ropes and staffs appeared from their magic as if they were moving.

67. And Moses held some fear in himself.

68. We said: “Do not fear, you will best them.”

69. “And cast down what is in your right hand it will consume what they have made. They have only made the work of a magician, and the magician will not succeed no matter what he does.”

70. So the magicians went down in prostration. They said: “We believe in the Lord of Aaron and Moses.”

71. He said: “Have you believed to him before taking my permission? He is surely your great one who has taught you magic. So, I will cut off your hands and feet from alternate sides, and I will crucify you on the trunks of the palm trees, and you will come to know which of us is greater in retribution and more lasting!”

72. They said: “We will not prefer you over the proofs that have come to us, and over the One who initiated us. So issue whatever judgment you have, for you only issue judgment in this worldly life.”

73. “We have believed in our Lord that He may forgive us our sins, and what you had forced us into doing of magic. And God is better and everlasting.”

74. He who comes to his Lord as a criminal, he will have Hell, where he will neither die in it nor live.

75. And he who comes to Him as a believer doing good works, for those will be the highest ranks.

76. The gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them, abiding therein. Such is the reward of he who is developed.

77. And We inspired to Moses: “Take My servants out, and make for them through the sea a dry path. You shall not fear being overtaken, nor be afraid.”

78. So Pharaoh followed them with his soldiers, but the sea overtook them and covered them.

79. Thus, Pharaoh misled his people and he did not guide.

80. O Children of Israel, We have saved you from your enemy, and We summoned you at the right side of the mount, and We sent down to you manna and quail.

81. Eat from the good things that We have provided for you and do not transgress in this else My wrath will be upon you. Whomever has incurred My wrath is lost.

82. And I am forgiving for whomever repents and does good work, then is guided.

83. “And what has caused you to rush ahead of your people O Moses?”

84. He said: “They are coming in my tracks, and I came quickly to you my Lord so you would be pleased.”

85. He said: “We have tested your people after you left, and the Samarian misguided them.”

86. So Moses returned to his people angry and disappointed. He said: “My people, did not your Lord promise you a good promise? Has the waiting been too long, or did you want that the wrath of your Lord be upon you? Thus you broke the promise with me.”

87. They said: “We did not break your promise by our own will, but we were loaded down with the jewellery of the people so we cast them down, and it was such that the Samarian suggested.”

88. He then produced for them a statue of a calf that emitted a sound. So they said: “This is your god and the god of Moses, but he had forgotten!”

89. Did they not see that it did not respond to them, nor did it possess for them any harm or benefit?

90. And Aaron said to them from before: “My people, you are being tested with it. Your Lord is the Almighty, so follow me and obey my command!”

91. They said: “We will remain devoted to it until Moses comes back to us.”

92. He said: “O Aaron, what prevented you when you saw them being astray?”

93. “Do you not follow me? Have you disobeyed my command?”

94. He said: “O son of my mother, do not grab me by my beard nor by my head. I feared that you would say that I separated the Children of Israel, and that I did not follow your orders.”

95. He said: “So what do you have to say O Samarian?”

96. He said: “I noticed what they did not notice, so I took a handful from where the messenger was standing, and I cast it in. This is what my soul inspired me to do.”

97. He said: “Then be gone, for you will have it in this life to say: “I am not to be touched” And you will have an appointed time which you will not forsake. And look to your god that you remained devoted to, we will burn him, then we will destroy him in the sea completely.”

98. Your god is God; whom there is no god but He. His knowledge encompasses all things.

99. And it is such that We relate to you the news of what has passed. And We have given you from Us a remembrance.

100. Whoever turns away from it, then he will carry a load on the day of resurrection.

101. They will remain therein, and miserable on the day of resurrection is what they carry.

102. The day the horn is blown, and We gather the criminals on that day white eyed.

103. They whisper amongst themselves: “You have only been away for a period of ten.”

104. We are fully aware of what they say, for the best in ways amongst them will say: “No, you have only been away for a day.”

105. And they ask you about the mountains, say: “My Lord will annihilate them completely.”

106. “Then He will leave it as a smooth plain.”

107. “You will not see in it any crookedness or curves.”

108. On that day, they will follow the caller, there is no crookedness to him. And all voices will be humbled for the Almighty, you will not be able to hear except whispers.

109. On that day, no intercession will be of help, except for he whom the Almighty allows and accepts what he has to say.

110. He knows their present and their future, and they do not have any of His knowledge.

111. And the faces shall be humbled for the Eternal, the Living. And whoever carried wickedness with him has failed.

112. And whoever does any good works, while he is a believer, then he should not fear injustice nor being given less than his due.

113. And it was such that We sent it down as an Arabic Quran, and We cited in it many warnings, perhaps they will become aware or it will cause for them a remembrance.

114. Then High above all is God, the King, the True. And do not be hasty with the Quran before its inspiration is completed to you, and say: “My Lord, increase my knowledge.”

115. And We had made a pledge to Adam from before, but he forgot, and We did not find in him the will power.

116. And We said to the Angels: “Submit to Adam.” They all submitted except for Satan, he refused.

117. So We said: “O Adam, this is an enemy to you and your mate. So do not let him take you out from Paradise, else you will have hardship.”

118. “You will have in it that you will not go hungry nor need clothes.”

119. “And you will have in it that you will not go thirsty nor suffer from heat.”

120. But the devil whispered to him, he said: “O Adam, shall I lead you to the tree of immortality and a kingdom which will not waste away?”

121. So they both ate from it, and their wickedness became apparent for them, and they began to place leaves on themselves from the garden. Adam had disobeyed his Lord, and had gone astray.

122. Then his Lord recalled him, and He forgave him and gave guidance to him.

123. He said: “Descend from this, all of you, for you are enemies to one another. So, when My guidance comes to you, then whoever follows My guidance, he will not go astray nor suffer.”

124. “And whoever turns away from My remembrance, then he will have a miserable life, and We will raise him blind on judgment day.”

125. He said: “My Lord, you have raised me blind while I used to be able to see?”

126. He said: “It was the same when Our revelations came to you, you forgot them, and similarly today you will be forgotten.”

127. And it is such that We recompense he who transgresses, and did not believe in His Lord’s revelations. And the retribution of the Hereafter is more severe and lasting.

128. Is it not a guide to them how many generations We had destroyed before them, which they are walking now in their homes? In that are signs for the people of understanding.

129. And had it not been for a word already given by your Lord, they would have been held to account immediately.

130. So be patient to what they are saying and glorify the grace of your Lord before the rising of the sun, and before its setting, and from the early part of the night and the edges of the day that you may be content.

131. And do not strain your eyes on what We have given other people as luxuries of this worldly life, where We are testing them with it. The provision of your Lord is better and more lasting.

132. And enjoin your family with the assembly, and be patient for it. We do not ask you for provision, for We provide for you. And the good end is for the righteous.

133. And they said: “If only he would bring us a sign from his Lord!” Did not proof come to them from what is in the previous scriptures?

134. And if We had destroyed them with retribution before this, they would have said: “Our Lord, if only you had sent us a messenger so we could follow your verses before we are humiliated and shamed!”

135. Say: “All are waiting, so wait, and you will come to know who are the people of the even path, and who are guided.”